PureVPN: Review, Features, and Pricing

PureVPN: Review, Features, and Pricing


Within the panorama of virtual private networks, PureVPN also deserves a place. It is a service that offers a vast network of servers, a package of apps with in-depth functions and in general a very interesting value for money.

In terms of privacy, however, it is not the best, and it is for this reason which cannot be put on the same level as giants like NordVPN. Let's go to its discovery.

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What is PureVPN

Founded in 2007 and based in Hong Kong, PureVPN is a network virtual private provided by GZ Systems. It has features that certainly make it very attractive, starting with the vast network of servers (over 750 in 140 countries) and a good range of applications, as well as useful functions such as P2P support for torrenting, IPv6 protection and DNS leak , and more.

The question is whether the VPN in question can actually compete with the top providers on the market, both in terms of overall use of the service and in terms of performance. In the next few lines we answer this and many other questions.

How does Pure VPN work?

Recently PureVPN has taken a very specific path, aimed at improving the privacy of its users. The KPMG company periodically tests, and without notice, the equipment of the platform from this point of view: so there is commitment, nothing to say. In terms of speed it works well, with some slowdowns from time to time even though HD and 4K streams run without buffering or other issues.

However, we give you the first answer: PureVPN cannot be compared to providers major ones, including ExpressVPN. In fact, streaming fails to unblock some platforms like BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime, and torrenting isn't available in the most popular locations. The apps are also not comparable to those offered by the top ones on the market.

In summary, PureVPN is an option that makes sense, but when it comes to usability and power there are better solutions for a similar price.

PureVPN encryption

Simply military grade: CyberGhost uses the 256-bit AES encryption module on all of its servers. It is an impossible-to-crack encryption, which is also used by military and government agencies for the protection of confidential information.

PureVPN pricing and plans

Really very interesting: PureVPN is one of the cheapest on the market. It provides three types of plans: the first is the monthly one from 9.60 euros per month, the second annual and finally the two-year plan of 2.96 euros per month.

And it is precisely the annual plan at this time what we invite you to take into consideration: it is the most convenient in terms of costs but above all the only one to offer a 7-day trial. After this time frame, you will be charged € 61.95 for the first year unless the trial plan is canceled. Not bad!

Is there a free version?

A real version that is completely free no, because it is not part of the professional VPN policy of which Pure is part. However, there is precisely the 7-day trial with which you can "test" the product.

PureVPN security

It is definitely not the strong point of this VPN, despite the encryption module 256-bit AES. However, it should be emphasized that in recent times PureVPN has been striving to improve its security systems and privacy policies.

The latest audit by the KPMG company has indeed shown proven evidence that PureVPN maintains a no- log. Additionally, it has some extra useful features, such as IPv6 and DNS leak protection, a multi-port option, port forwarding, and the ability to use a non-NAT network to use a single IP address.

Present also the kill switch function: the latter blocks all your Internet traffic while you switch servers or if the connection to the VPN becomes unstable.

PureVPN speed and performance

From this point of view, PureVPN gives satisfaction: it has a number of servers that harmonize very well with your speed requirements. For example, if you want to connect to the VPN for streaming, it will automatically choose the fastest server. The OpenVPN protocol can slow down your connection a bit, but there isn't a huge speed drop.

In terms of numbers, performance obviously depends on the connection you have: you can safely get to excellent speeds about 60-80 Mbps. Our advice is to take advantage of the trial period to do extensive testing, so as to make sure PureVPN is suitable at all times.

PureVPN's servers

As we said in the previous lines, PureVPN's server network is vast - over 750 units in 140 different countries. Remarkable.

PureVPN Support

PureVPN Customer Support consists of updated guides to provide comprehensive instructions offering solutions to common problems (with extensive range of articles for almost all operating systems), support tickets (you can get an answer in about half an hour, but to be honest the answers are quite "rudimentary" and the following ones often get no answer) and finally the live chat.

The latter is definitely the best method PureVPN offers, if the guides aren't particularly helpful. You will receive a reply in a couple of minutes. In general, as far as assistance is concerned, we can conclude that - even with reference to live chat - this VPN offers a more than sufficient service, but not comparable to that of the top in the sector.

It works for Netflix?

Absolutely yes: PureVPN performs well when accessing Netflix, unblocking a number of libraries with ease. So from this point of view passed with flying colors.

Does it work for Torrent?

Again the answer is yes: PureVPN works for torrenting. But ... there is a but: many of the most popular servers - including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia - block P2P sharing. This is unlike other VPNs like Nord or Express, which instead allow you to torrent on any server.

Other Streaming Services

As we said before, PureVPN performs well when logged in. to Netflix, unlocking a number of libraries with ease. But it is also capable of unblocking other platforms, such as Disney +, which is generally considered to be one of the toughest streaming portals. Hulu can also be unblocked.

However, the same cannot be said for BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime Video, which are blocked on every server. So if you're happy with Netflix and Disney +, PureVPN is a decent choice, but if you need the best for streaming, we recommend choosing a different service.

PureVPN apps

Once you sign up for PureVPN, you also have a decent selection of apps, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, plus extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers. What is positively surprising is the presence of supports for more niche devices, such as Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, Fire TV Stick and routers.

On mobile the apps have different functionalities, they are quite intuitive, there there are various options (the one for optimizing the connection for certain purposes, such as unblocking the web in China, for streaming and many others is very useful) and on Android there is a special kill switch.

So, we can say that we were satisfied with the applications provided by PureVPN.

Frequently Asked Questions about PureVPN

We are almost at the end of our guide, but before we finish we want to give you some frequently asked questions ( with related answers) which many ask with reference to PureVPN and the VPN in general.

It slows down your connection?

No. From the tests carried out, PureVPN performs really well: it doesn't slow down your connection, it doesn't cause buffering when watching streaming and in general it takes very little time to connect with servers. Speed ​​is certainly one of the strong points of this provider.

Is it legal?

Yes, of course: it is a legal service, but obviously it must not be used for illegal activities, such as for example the violation of other PCs or the sale of copyrighted material. Another piece of advice we want to give you is to carefully check the laws of the country you are in before downloading and starting to use a VPN. So be careful in countries with server laws on web use.

Is it safe?

We have seen how the PureVPN team is working hard to increase the level of security to be assured to its users. For the moment the answer we can give you is the following: yes, PureVPN is safe, but if you are looking for the top of security, the advice is to turn to other services.

Can I try it for free?

This is certainly one of the more positive aspects of PureVPN: it offers its users a full seven-day trial period. Not bad: in this way you can test the services offered by the network, and decide accordingly.

Is there a refund?

Yes, there is a 31-day money-back guarantee, with which you will have the possibility to test everything even better. Once the reference time frame is over, you can decide whether to buy the service or not: in case of cancellation, you will get all the money back.

Summary and conclusions

PureVPN can attract for its large network of servers, for the wide support of devices and for the value for money of its certainly interesting subscription plans. Not only that: the apps are also a plus (when they work correctly), since they offer a more than decent amount of functionality. The privacy / security sector is also improving: KPMG's always on audit testifies to this.

However, for a variety of reasons (including some connectivity problems and a certainly not flawless kill switch), PureVPN al the moment cannot compete with the big giants on the market.

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