Pick & Pay: so there is cashback even when buying online

Pick & Pay: so there is cashback even when buying online
The Cashless Italia Plan is challenging the creativity of those who, in these first days of 2021, are looking for the best ways to take advantage of the refund guaranteed by the State. Cashback is in fact theoretically possible only with in-store purchases, but in reality there are other ways in which this limitation can be circumvented. The most obvious to everyone from the early hours is the availability of Amazon Cards which, purchased in the store (often available directly at the supermarket checkout), allow you to have a valid operation in your cart and an automatic discount to be discounted on the total up to 150 euros maximum. But Amazon's cards are not the only solution: one method that could be interesting for many is the one called "Pick & Pay".

Pick & Pay guarantees cashback

By "pick & pay" we mean that hybrid mode that allows you to buy online and collect in-store (completely similar to the logic of buying a pizza, booked by phone and collected on site with payment on POS). To take advantage of the cashback, simply opt for a convenient choice: avoid paying online, postponing the payment at the time of withdrawal.

This is the explanation of the service, for example, in the words of the MediaWorld chain:

If you have chosen to pay in the store, you will receive a first reminder via email 2 days after the order arrives in the store and a second after 4 days. If, despite the two reminders, you do not show up in the store within 5 days of the communication via e-mail / text message (to the contact details indicated in the billing address) confirming the availability of the order for collection, the cancellation procedure will be automatically activated. Remember that the accepted payment methods are: cash, credit card, debit card, bank check and EasyGift cards.

By doing this, it is possible to draw on additional offer flyers (see the MediaWorld or Unieuro discounts) discounted amount indicated on the site will be reduced by a further 10%, collected at the end of the cashback semester in the form of a refund directly to your IBAN. An example: 43-inch Samsung Smart TV, costing 449 euros, discounted by MediaWorld at the price of 399 euros, which can be purchased with cashback at the actual final price of 384 euros (the 10% discount must be limited to a maximum of 15 euros) .

The only precaution to be taken is to verify that you have the shop close at hand, avoiding transport costs that compromise the opportunity to purchase. After a few days the potential cashback will be noted on the IO app.

Edit: corrected the final discounted price

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