Amazon and Ferragamo team up against fake fashion

Amazon and Ferragamo team up against fake fashion

Joint lawsuit by the ecommerce giant and the Florentine maison against some users and companies who sold counterfeit goods on the marketplace

The logo of the Amazon ecommerce platform (photo by Florian Gaertner / Photothek via Getty Images) Amazon and Salvatore Ferragamo have filed two joint lawsuits in the United States against some users of the ecommerce platform. According to the two companies, these are four natural persons and three legal persons who, according to the two companies, would have tried to sell some counterfeit Ferragamo branded products on the Amazon store. A conduct that, in addition to violating the intellectual property rights of the Florentine fashion house, is also prohibited and opposed by the policies of the Seattle company. The lawsuit was then filed in the Western District Court of Washington.

Online monitoring activities have enabled Ferragamo to intercept, block and have 3 million illicit social media profiles removed, as well as 94,000 advertisements for counterfeit products from online auction sites, only in 2020. The brand has filed legal action against several illegal websites in the past. The New York court, for example, recognized in a recent case the existence of substantial economic damage to the brand by imposing an exemplary compensation of 2.8 million dollars.

For its part, Amazon provides companies with control systems and technologies to monitor and ascertain the originality of the products present in the various marketplaces, such as Project Zero, Transparency and Brand Registry. In 2019 alone, the ecommerce giant invested more than $ 500 million to protect customers and brands from fraud and abuse, including counterfeiting. "As a result of the implementation of these tools and programs, 99.9% of all products viewed by customers on Amazon have not received a valid infringement claim," states a note.

As of June 2020, the company has set up a dedicated team against counterfeiting crimes, which also works jointly with law enforcement. Several legal actions have been launched jointly with Valentino, Kf Beauty, Jl Childress and Yeti.

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