Buy PS5: eBay is taking action against offers from scalpers

Buy PS5: eBay is taking action against offers from scalpers
Buying the PS5 is tough. This is due on the one hand to the generally insufficient amount of available consoles, to delays in production that are offered on online sales platforms such as Amazon, Media Markt and Saturn, on the other hand to scalpers, some of which buy the Playstation 5 in thousands of versions using bots and then Reselling completely overpriced, especially on the eBay online marketplace.

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Not least because such offers on the platform are legally questionable are, but also because they fear for their own image, eBay takes targeted action against such scalpers and resellers, as Gameswirtschaft has now found out. Since mid-November, resellers have had a message like this if they become repeat offenders:

"They want to discontinue a PlayStation 5 (buy now). This item has restrictions on the amount that can be discontinued per week. You have reached this limit and can currently no longer list this item. However, you can list another PlayStation 5 7 days after your last PlayStation 5 offer. Unverified sellers or those who do not meet our minimum seller standards are not allowed to list a PlayStation 5. "

Affected are sellers with bad reviews or those who have only been active on the platform for a short time. "Normal" resellers who want to get rid of their PS5 shouldn't have any problems, as one rarely gets into the embarrassment of wanting to sell two PS5s within a few days. However, this method cannot be used against professionals who work with many accounts at once.

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Source: Gameswirtschaft

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