Will the corrections to the story of the gynecologist slaughtered "by North Africans" in Milan arrive?

Will the corrections to the story of the gynecologist slaughtered by North Africans in Milan arrive?

For days the press and right-wing politicians have relaunched the story of a "kidnapped gone bad" by "two North Africans": a version denied by the investigators, which however has already hit where its supporters wanted

Matteo Salvini also relaunched the story, denied, of the "gynecologist slaughtered by two North Africans". (Photo: Gabor Kovacs / European Union) For a few days, Milan has been grappling with a crime story that is not seen every day. A well-known Neapolitan gynecologist, Stefano Ansaldi, was found in a pool of blood a stone's throw from the Central Station, at a time when the streets of the city are busy: on Saturday, at 6pm, a few days before Christmas. A story about which little or nothing is still known today, with investigators following different leads, but which for a part of Italy has already had its epilogue, more definitive than the last degree of judgment: a robbery that ended badly, perpetrated by two North Africans.

That Saturday evening, while the place of the tragedy was still cordoned off and the first surveys and the search for witnesses began, the town had already had its sentence on what had happened. "Neapolitan doctor slaughtered in a robbery in Milan", the launch of Repubblica, "North Africans first cut their throats and then flee", the version of Il Giornale, "The killers on the run changed their clothes in the subway", the details of the Corriere . The Italian media - primarily from the right, but without exceptions of political positioning - immediately embraced this version of events, probably in the most classic chain of Saint Anthony in which the first drops the bomb and all the others take it up again, in a context in which the verification of the sources gives way to the authority of the choir.

A prayer for the poor doctor who was slaughtered yesterday in the center of Milan, for whose murder the newspapers write that two immigrants are being sought. Only shame for Conte and the government, guilty of having canceled the Security Decrees by reopening ports, gates and wallets to everyone. pic.twitter.com/0c3DUpTI2s

- Matteo Salvini (@matteosalvinimi) December 20, 2020

Such news could not fail to stimulate the appetite of sovereign politics and of that people who are recognized on social networks by the tricolor flag next to their name. Capital letters and xenophobic bile have been wasted on the most evergreen of our own themes: the alarm of invasion and immigrants who commit crime. "Only shame for Conte and a government that have just canceled the security decrees, reopening ports, gates and wallets to everyone", was the comment on the subject of Lega leader Matteo Salvini; “A gynecologist is slaughtered (ROUGH do you understand?!?) By two North Africans in Milan. Expulsions, zero tolerance and certain penalties. We do not tolerate, we will never tolerate! ", The tweet of the senator of the Brothers of Italy, Daniela Santanch√©; "The multi-ethnic Milan that Sala and the left love so much", the post-fascist press editorial of the National Primacy.

While the political-popular trial was taking place against the two imaginary North Africans fleeing in the subway, the investigations, the real ones, told something else. And that is that the version of the robbery ended badly, perhaps circulated because in those hours there had been a theft against an elderly person nearby, was not standing. Today, four days after Ansaldi's death, it is not yet known what really happened and while the suicide hypothesis is also taking hold, the possibility remains strong - according to the investigators - that the reasons should be sought in the private and professional life of the doctor, while a troubled history of money in tax havens and old complaints against him emerge. In short, a labyrinth, with only one certainty: the way out at the moment is not there, and all the characters and screams expressed a few hours after the doctor's death to make it a symbol of a political battle were based on nothing.

Yet, no one has backed down. Headlines, tweets and accusations are still there on message boards and homepages, seemingly forgotten but absorbed into reality by readers, regardless of what happened next. The news has become a disposable weapon at the mercy of political propaganda, to be used whenever the opportunity arises, to then move on to the next event, in an endless journey that does not involve backtracking. After all, the terrible death of the Neapolitan gynecologist seemed to be of interest to those who poured out screaming to ask for the border blockade. What mattered to the company was rather to include it in the only, invariable storytelling of the Italian right: that of the criminal immigrant.

In the next few days, between the clashing of glasses in Christmas toasts and the sizzling of forks on the bottom of plates during lunches and dinners, the false story of the Italian gynecologist "brutally slaughtered by the two North Africans" will surely hold the counter in the living rooms of the Italians, providing the basis for security and xenophobic lucubrations, just as our sovereign influencers wanted. Retracing your steps and correcting what is written remains a mirage, and then why do it? The message has already passed, and it will remain what the aforementioned needed.

The usefulness of this and other similar events with which we are bombed lasts as long as a click. Meanwhile, the investigators continue their work, in search of a truth about a death whose reasons seem to be the only ones in the dark, while all around the perpetrators have already been publicly condemned, waiting for the next tweet.

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