VoipVoice launches VoipCloud for telephone installers

VoipVoice launches VoipCloud for telephone installers
VoipVoice is the first Business Oriented VoIP provider in Italy and promotes its professional voice and connectivity services suitable for companies through a network of 400 System Integrator partners and telephone installers. Active for more than fourteen years and with around 8,500 client companies, VoipVoice is "business only" and collaborates with the main leaders of the VoIP market, constantly developing new synergies with Italian and foreign distributors and producers.

Integration, reliability and speed are the key values ​​on which VoipVoice bases its work, which translate into adaptation to customer needs, direct relationship with the partner and support for change thanks to all those services that promote Digital Transformation in Telecommunications. VoipVoice actively encourages environmental sustainability through its core service, VoIP, a purely "green" technology which, together with the diffusion of Ultraband, Cloud and Unified Communications, enables Smart Working as a new working method and identifies it as a tool to protect the environment since teleworking and fewer journeys equate to lower CO2 emissions.

Simone Terreni, CEO of VoipVoice As mentioned, VoipVoice markets its VoIP services for companies through system integrators and channel operators specialized in a sector, that of IP telephony and Unified Communications, which - even in the face of the objective difficulties encountered during the first wave of the pandemic - undergoes important pushes towards digitization.

"In the last six months, the physical switchboard installed at the company offices, and for many organizations still synonymous with greater security today, has often been unable to provide the flexibility and mobility necessary to ensure business continuity" explains Simone Terreni, CEO of VoipVoice. A need that has become an essential driver for the migration to next-generation UCC solutions hosted in the cloud, together with the strong reduction in maintenance costs typical of virtualized solutions.

However, not all SMEs already use cloud architectures, nor do all partners have server farms to host their customers' virtualized switchboards. With VoipCloud, VoipVoice, which assigns the role of promoters of technological innovation and digitization to specialized channel operators, provides a cloud TLC as-a-service exclusively dedicated to IP-PBX hosting.

The servers responsible for supplying the VoipCloud service are located at MIX (Milan-Internet-Exchange), the main exchange center for TLC operators and guarantor of high quality VoIP calls. The assistance, setup support and data storage all take place in Italy, ensuring maximum compliance with the GDPR.

Flexible and supplied with profiles based on the number of simultaneous calls to conduct (4 , 8 or 16), as well as secure thanks to a dedicated firewall that can be customized according to needs, each VoipCloud cut has a public static IP and is compatible with the main IP-PBXs. The specialized reseller is in fact free to host on this space the switchboard that he deems most appropriate to the customer's needs.

«With this tool, partners can facilitate the transition process of companies from traditional hardware-based solutions to a complete digitalisation of the respective telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring a competitive advantage, ”concludes Terreni. The partners, in fact, do not incur any costs nor do they have to bear the business risk associated with the provision of VoipCloud, on the contrary VoipVoice pays them interesting bonuses and invoices the service directly to the end user company.

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