Ugly gifts to give to the people you hate | Christmas 2020

Ugly gifts to give to the people you hate | Christmas 2020
Christmas is perhaps one of the best times of the year and there are very few doubts about this. After all, it is a holiday that is long awaited, and which is always characterized by its carefree desire to spread brotherhood and love in every heart ... more or less. Because where joy and love coexist, there is often room for that incredibly annoying relative, who comes to the family late and sits at the table only to ask unwelcome or unwanted questions. Moreover, with the trend of this year, which with its problems has brought nothing but stress, anxiety and discomfort, we imagine that if before the space for hatred was small and contained, today many of you are more than never intolerant towards others but, hey, let's calm down for a moment!

While it is true that at Christmas there are many other various indigestible categories that really deserve a lesson, our deeply peaceful spirit prevents us from inviting you to take up arms , even if that doesn't mean you can't take a little revenge! Whether it is that distant relative who punctually "rewards" you for his company by giving you a pair of socks (or worse), or that friend who haunts you every year because he expects you to give him something (only to return the favor with a little thought recycled son of who knows what sale on the street), thanks to this article you can take the right revenge from all those who seem ready to ruin your holidays!

With this article, in fact, we indulged in looking for some of the worst gift ideas on Amazon, so as to make a nice list for you with items so ugly that it is hard to believe that someone has put them up for sale . Yet they exist, are affordable, and will arrive at your home just in time to spoil someone's party. We have selected for you only the best of the best of the worst of the worst, with the resultant products of rare ugliness, capable of competing with any felted scarf and handmade neck warmer. As always, we have relied on Amazon which, as the market leader, has an immense catalog, even in terms of ugliness.

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Ugly gifts to give at Christmas

The COVID-19 soft toy | € 15.00

It is clear that we would never dream of playing down the very difficult situation that is gripping our country (and the whole world), just as we have a deep respect for those who have unfortunately fallen ill, or worse, we have however, thought to include in this list this doll depicting a plush version of the COVID-19 virus. Because? Because it is ugly, abhorrent, in bad taste and inspires no sympathy. Produced by Giant Microbes, a plush company "specializing" in reproductions of viruses, bacteria and other "nice friends", this plush is a perfect gift to give to someone who hates you from the bottom even if, of course, we invite you to spare yourself in wishing someone who gets sick. It would be beyond bad taste, it would be stupid.

Does it stink? The Ultimate Guide to Animal Flatulence | € 12.66

A book, but more than anything else a real Bible on the flatulence of the animal world. Written by zoologists Nick Caruso and Dani Rabaiotti, “Does it stink? The definitive guide to animal flatulence "is nothing more than a book that tells about the biological habits of most of the creatures of the animal world, written and illustrated to solve many of the great mysteries of zoology such as:" but do snakes fart? " and similar. If you have any doubts about the shape, color or consistency of a reptile's, mammal's or even your dog's faeces, then this book will provide you with all the answers. A Christmas classic wrapped with hate.

A 6-pack of screaming chickens | € 12.99

The screaming chicken, a typical product of many Autogrills, has become an internet meme over the years. There are those who attach it to the wheels of cars for a "strong" effect during movement, or those who use it as a musical instrument to obtain the favors of the people of YouTube and TikTok (pat pat). Be that as it may, the rubber chicken is a useless, ugly object that has certainly sold more pieces than it should have. With an unpleasant sound and a creepy look, it is sold on Amazon in convenient "six-packs". Why?

At Christmas we are all better. Except you. You are an asshole | € 6.99

Another refined piece of modern literature: basically it is a coloring book containing 50 finely decorated insults, specially designed as a loving thought for a particularly unwelcome person. Well done designs, black back of each page to avoid smudges or smudges and even good quality paper: a proper gift made with the heart of a really cool person.

The inflatable ballerina dress | € 27.99

Inflatable, with a clumsy and even a little patchy look, the inflatable ballerina dress is that classic item you might see in those American movies where, in the middle of a party of some beona fraternity, Suddenly the most stupid of the group appears and, wearing this unlikely costume, spends himself in a moment of rare idiocy and sublime embarrassment. There or in a Fail Army video.

Nothing | € 12.17

What do you give to someone who has everything? Simply "Nothing", which is not nothing, but is still something. In fact, nothing is an object that is useless, that contains nothing and that has no other purpose than to do nothing. Coupled with a lot of free time, Nothing becomes the perfect paraphrase of a life thrown away and is perhaps the worst purchase you can make for any reason other than nothing itself. Now, if this product description means nothing, then don't worry, it's perfect for describing Nothing.

Fish Shaped Plastic Sandals | € 22.99

How to humiliate someone who is particularly fond of the sea or fishing? What questions! Forcing him to wear a pair of thick fish-shaped plastic sandals. Antithesis of beauty, style and elegance, these fish accessories for the feet are among the ugliest, useless and senseless things that can be found on the net and we find no better reason to recommend them. Give them to the person you hate and we are sure they will never show up again. Also excellent as throwing tools.

Short-sleeved shirt with cats tacos | starting at € 10.99

Created in a factory hidden in a totally devoid of light cave, and designed by a team of tailors with no aesthetic sense, this shirt is simply ugly and represents cats with bodies from Mexican tacos. Because? Nobody knows, but what matters is that it can make a perfect unpleasant gift, unless the recipient is really impervious to the concept of beauty. Really, there is no reason to buy it other than to give it to someone you hate from the bottom of your heart.

The poop-shaped hat | € 9.24

When you want to insult your neighbor, words are not always able to fully express the whirlwind of emotions experienced by our feelings. Sometimes you want to tell that person the worst you can, but getting it right is difficult. There are feelings, emotions, lexical limits and even a good dose of good manners at stake. This is why this hat is so precious on this list: giving it away will solve your poor ability to insult others thanks to its concise but efficient ability to describe whoever is wearing it.

A sweatshirt that is truly ugly | starting from € 9.99

Once upon a time, "ugly sweaters" were something you could find in some particularly desperate shops, whose clothing was designed by those same masters of tailor who could have designed the aforementioned cat tacos shirt. Then, partly thanks to the geeks, partly thanks to the net, ugly sweaters have become a fashion, and wearing a really ugly sweater, especially for Christmas, is no longer so embarrassing. Fortunately, there are still those who make ugly sweaters and bad taste without necessarily having to chase fashion, as is the case with this fine print, designed to evoke the features of a particularly hairy man dressed up for Christmas. A sweater that is also an insult, which is also a stab in the eye: 3 for the price of one.

Catch the poop | 16,74 €

What better way to spend your Christmas Eve evening than with a wonderful board game where you have fun grabbing a small and smelly brown boot? Designed by Mattel for today's children, Catch the Hunt is among the best sellers in its category on Amazon, which will also make it appear as an appreciable and particularly pop gift. But you will know the truth: wishing someone to have fun collecting flying feces is not a compliment, rather a Dante's torture. But anyway, it's the thought that counts!

Belly pouch | € 15.99

Another very refined item of clothing, this pouch was designed to resemble a hairy roll of bacon, so as to give even more charm to an item of clothing, the pouch, which we hoped would disappear into oblivion of the (many) bad choices made in the 90s in terms of clothing, instead go back to fashion without anyone ever asking. With similar premises, what better gift for your heart enemy?

The poop hat | € 13.39

Refined, elegant, captivating: these are three adjectives that we would never feel like using to describe this stylized poop-shaped headdress, whose appearance vaguely recalls that of the homonymous emoji (but without the comforting smile stercorario). Of dubious origin and taste, this poop hat is the ideal gift for anyone among your friends, relatives or acquaintances who has earned any epithet even vaguely referring to faeces and the like. The perfect excuse? We find it directly in the product description where the manufacturer tries to entice us to purchase in a decidedly ingenious way and we quote: "Add charm: if you like the selfie, the fun plush hat will make you more beautiful in the photos. Just poop head hat, you have to be more charming when you attend a party or an event ”. It practically sells itself.

This last article concludes our guide to hate shopping (for others and for the holidays), if all this were not enough for you or if you are a good person (brrrr) , then we advise you to take a look at the more serious lists dedicated to shopping advice for everyone, with gift ideas even for less than € 10.00 (and no nasty surprises).

Before leaving for shopping , therefore, we advise you to take a look at the many articles on our portal related to Christmas 2020, with gift ideas of all kinds and for all budgets. Do you want to know more? Then we suggest you take a look at our guides dedicated to ideas at low prices, with proposals within a limit of € 10, € 30, € 50 and over € 50.

The guides are already online, and are part of our editorial plan dedicated to Christmas, with which we will accompany you throughout the month of December with a long series of articles dedicated to our advice for purchases. Are you curious to read them all? Then all you have to do is take a look at our page dedicated to Christmas Gifts 2020.

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