Top 10: These are the ten best Playstation games of the year

Top 10: These are the ten best Playstation games of the year
2020 may have been quite a shit year in many ways, but at least even during the rampant pandemic, we could rely on us to always have enough good games to play. There were some real gaming highlights to marvel at, especially on Playstation 4 and 5. We therefore voted in the editorial team on the best Playstation games of 2020 and present you our top 10 in this video.

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Release: March 12, 2020 Platforms: PS4 Developer: Team Ninja Rating: 8/10 Nioh 2 Source: Koei Tecmo, Sony Nioh 2 is a real bastard! Areas are repetitive, you are forced to grind to have a chance and some bosses are downright unfair. And yet we have taken this bastard to our hearts, because the action role-playing game by Team Ninja also offers a beautifully implemented samurai fantasy setting, an exciting story and always challenging but fun main and side quests. In addition, the well-functioning combat system and the hunt for new, better weapons and armor are absolutely motivating. We cursed a lot while playing through Nioh 2, but afterwards we were happy to have let ourselves into this experience. That's why the title is our 10th Playstation Game of the Year.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Release: March 2nd, 2020 Platforms: PS4 Developer: Square Enix Rating: 10/10 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Source: buffed Final Fantasy 7 is one of the great classics of video game history and the expectations were accordingly high for the first Part of the remake. Fortunately, the fans were not disappointed either, because the new edition of the role-playing game convinces with pretty graphics, a great flow of the game, a lot of atmosphere and a successful combat system that looks much more sophisticated than that in Final Fantasy 15. Although the first part of the remake only covers the section in Midgar includes, there is a lot to do. If you only needed about five hours for this part in the original, you are busy here for about 40 hours in the remake. The grandiose story about the protagonist Cloud Strife, his opponent Sephiroth and the unscrupulous Shinra company, however, remained untouched and is just as thrilling today as it was back in 1997. We very much hope that we will soon hear something about the next part of the remake, because we can't wait to dive into this super RPG again.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Release: November 12th Platforms: PS4, PS5 Developer: Sumo Digital Rating: 9/10 Sackboy: A Big Adventure Source: PC Games Sackboy: A Big Adventure does without the editor of a Little Big Planet, but is much more fun than the three parts of the previous series. The big adventure of the little bag boy steals a few elements from Super Mario 3D World and Rayman Legends and mixes them with the usual bag boy charm as well as many of his own creative ideas. The start of A Big Adventure is still a bit generic, but after a short time you dive into the beautifully designed world of the little blindfold. The background music is fantastic, thanks to the many different gadgets and the variedly designed levels you never get bored and you meet all sorts of quirky characters in the course of the adventure. It is also particularly great that you can play all normal levels in couch co-op with up to three friends and there are even special co-op levels that shine with clever level design. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a real source of joy and therefore deservedly in the top 10 of our favorite Playstation games of the year.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

Release: April 3, 2020 Platforms : PC, PS4, Xbox One Developer: Capcom Rating: 8/10 Resident Evil 3 Remake Source: PC Games The remake of Resident Evil 3 was pretty short and some die-hard fans of the original didn't really agree with a few changes, but that doesn't change the fact that Nemesis caused wonderful nerve-racking terror for us. When the bioweapon developed by Umbrella chases the protagonist Jill Valentine, your heart really beats to your neck, because the staging of the new edition is absolutely outstanding. In general, Resident Evil 3 is, despite its greater focus on action, a wonderfully atmospheric adventure that grabs you from the first second and only lets you go at the end of the credits. The multiplayer mode Resident Evil: Resistance, which is also included, is very nice at best, but a Resi just has to convince with his campaign and the remake of Part 3 definitely does.

Persona 5 Royal

Release: March 31, 2020 Platforms: PS4 Developer: Atlus, P Studio Rating: 9/10 Persona 5 Royal Source: Deep Silver As if we hadn't spent too much time in Persona 5 three years ago, this year came too with Persona 5 Royal, a greatly expanded version of the grandiose role-playing game. Side quests have been detoxified, the fights are more entertaining and on top of that there is a new palace and an additional third semester, which increases the playing time of the title by another 25 hours. It is also particularly nice that all of the texts have now finally been translated into German. After all, the original Persona-5 could only be enjoyed with a good knowledge of English or Japanese. In any case, these innovations have ensured that we are once again immersed in the great gameplay and the wonderfully absurd story of a mysterious parallel world in which suppressed character traits manifest themselves. So we've now spent well over 200 hours in Persona 5 and don't regret a single second.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Release: November 10, 2020 Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio Rating: 9/10 Yakuza: Like a Dragon Source: PC Games Just like its predecessors, Yakuza: Like a Dragon manages with flying colors to mix a serious, socially critical main story with side missions that are completely banana. For example, we fight against exhibitionists or giant vacuum cleaner robots or watch boring films in the cinema, but have to use a mini-game to prevent falling asleep. Nevertheless, Like a Dragon is a reinvention of the traditional, but niche series, because this time we are not actively knocking out bad boys, but in a turn-based combat system, because part 7 is a real role-playing game in which we are on the road with a party whose members we different Assign professions. In addition, we are now controlling the new character Ichiban Kasuga, who is a little more extroverted than Kazuma Kiryu and whom we have taken right into our hearts. Like a Dragon is wonderfully absurd RPG fun.

Demon's Souls

Release: November 12, 2020 Platforms: PS5 Developer: Bluepoint Games / From Software Rating: 9/10 Demon's Souls Source: Bluepoint Games Nowhere does it die more beautifully than in the remake of Demon's Souls, which we can appreciate with place 4 in this top list. The action role-playing game by From software originally appeared for the PS3 and was already convincing with its gloomy mood, demanding gameplay and numerous ingeniously mean bosses who tear your butt off if you are not careful or are not familiar with the game mechanics . Fortunately, nothing has changed in 2020, because Bluepoint Games dispensed with playful adjustments or even modern comfort functions in the new edition. Instead you get exactly the same, still great game, but with beautiful next-gen graphics. The pretty lighting effects alone are reason enough to include the remake of Demon's Souls on this list.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Release: November 12, 2020 Platforms: PS4, PS5 Developer: Insomniac Games rating: 9/10 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Source: Insomniac Games Spider-Man: Miles Morales may have only just been released, but the short time since its release was enough to make us rank 3 of the best Playstation games in the Year swing. The coming-of-age story of Jung-Spidey is a lot shorter than the great adventure of Peter Parker in 2018, but still a fantastic superhero game. As with the last Spider-Man, Insomniac Games succeeds in portraying both the private person under the mask, including worries and fears, as well as the hero who has to surpass himself in an excellent and understandable way. In addition, the gameplay has been improved again since the last part, which is mainly due to Miles' new skills. Because he can make himself invisible for a short time and has bioelectrical powers, there are a number of ways to turn off villains. Great Marvel fun!

The Last of Us: Part 2

Release: June 19, 2020 Platforms: PS4 Developer: Naughty Dog Rating: 10/10 The Last of Us: Part 2 Source: Sony Not only part 2, but also place 2! The successor to The Last of Us received a series of top ratings and prizes, but also caused displeasure among a loud minority with some story decisions. But no matter how you feel about Part 2, if unfounded hatred has not completely clouded your brain, you have to admit that there is probably no other video game that grabs you emotionally, carries you away and plunges you right into human abysses like the top-staged work by Naughty Dog. What starts out as a simple revenge story becomes so much more as the game progresses. The ingeniously written action adventure requires trust in the narrative as well as empathy and, with its nerve-wracking brutality, is certainly not for everyone. An absolutely exceptional title that will be talked about for years to come.

Ghost of Tsushima

Release: July 17, 2020 Platforms: PS4 Developer: Sucker Punch Productions Rating: 9/10 Ghost of Tsushima Source: PC Games A little surprise: Ghost of Tsushima came out on top in our editorial vote as the best Playstation game of the year before The Last of Us: Part 2. That is quite understandable, because the open-world action-adventure around the protagonist Jin Kasai also offers a very exciting and dark story about morality, honor and inner conflicts, but is not as emotionally exhausting and engaging as Ellie's vengeance campaign. In addition, Ghost of Tsushima is a high-quality and well-rounded product in all respects. The game world is beautiful and varied and ensures that you sink into it. The setting is wonderfully fresh and offers an ingenious samurai atmosphere, the great story told is carried by multi-layered characters and the combat system is extremely motivating. With each unlocked upgrade, with each combat style learned, you can feel how you slowly become a powerful samurai, for whom it suddenly no longer seems so impossible to drive the Mongolian armed forces from his home island of Tsushima. In addition, there are useful secondary tasks, beautifully presented treasure hunts and grandiose staged katana duels with particularly strong opponents. Ghost of Tsushima is a real experience, an excellent exclusive game and rightly the Playstation Game of the Year 2020. Those who own a PS4 or PS5 should not miss this must-have title.

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