University for Working Students: Graduate while working

University for Working Students: Graduate while working
Attending university and working at the same time is no longer so strange: until a few years ago, in fact, it was almost unthinkable to be able to effectively reconcile the two areas, without one affecting the other in terms of results.

Thanks to new technologies, studying and working part time or even full time is a mission more than possible, if you are motivated and want to get involved.

There are many jobs suitable for students and easily reconciled with the rhythms of study. If you don't feel like facing university and full-time work immediately, opting for a less demanding job can be a solution, it being understood that if you already have a solid position, studying is still possible. We will soon find out how.

Graduating while working is an opportunity not to be missed, especially because, thanks to the university flexibility provided by many universities, multitasking is absolutely accessible for everyone. Thousands of students have shown that studying and working is not only possible, it can also be easy to manage.

Topics in this guide:

Who are student workers? Degree courses for workers: this is what they are Graduating while working: how to do it?

Who are the working students?

Typical working students are young and old, who need to take care of the family, support it but still do not want to give up the profession of their dreams. Public employees, who in order to proceed with career advancement need to obtain a degree, men and women of all ages who have, over the years, gone out of course; but not only: there are many Italians who, having reached their third age, have decided to resume their studies partly to pass the time, partly out of the desire to never stop learning.

If you are looking for the university for those who work, you are in the right place: from degree courses in economics to those in law, from courses in literature to those in biological sciences: the possibilities are many and you can access them thanks to a truly innovative method. If you want to know more, continue reading or fill out the form at the end of this guide.

Degree courses for workers: this is what they are

To study and work at the same time it is important to find the right university or school with a schedule and a university study program that can allow you to pursue a career while also focusing on teaching.

To be successful you need to set clear goals and strike a balance between work and study. By doing a quick calculation, you have 168 hours a week.

That sounds like a lot, but when you consider that a full-time degree program can take up to 30-40 hours a week, and you also need to sleep, move to go to the faculty, to work and vice versa, time is quickly reduced and studying while working becomes difficult even if in reality there would be a solution. There are degree courses for workers: online universities are designed especially for those who work. The teaching material is delivered directly online and can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This allows you to study during work breaks or when you deem it appropriate. Online degree courses are the ideal solution for all students: both for those who wish to experience the university campus by participating in face-to-face lessons, and for those who are unable to attend university away from home or for professionals who intend to pursue a further specialization, while continuing to carry out its activity.

The university faculties for workers are telematic and designed for those who need to meticulously organize the time to devote to studies. Online universities provide students with e-learning platforms where they can follow lessons in streaming, from the comfort of their own home, from a PC, smartphone or tablet, at any time. In this way the degree for workers becomes accessible.

University courses for workers do not differ from the traditional ones: the addresses are the same. Furthermore, the degree addresses for those who work are equally recognized by the Miur.

The student of the telematic university will immediately have the teaching material with which to study and prepare for the exam. When he feels ready, he will only have to book the exam and only in this case he will have to physically present himself in one of the university's offices and face an examination commission usually composed of the teacher and his collaborators. Now let's find out together in the next paragraph how it will work specifically.

Graduating while you work: how to do it?

University and full time work today is possible thanks to the telematic university. The lessons are delivered in e-learning mode and then remain available to the user 24 hours a day. The only mandatory moment in attendance is that of the exam. Working students are entitled to paid leave to take the tests that will lead them to graduation.

Telematic universities allow students to self-manage the time devoted to lessons, study and finally exams. The platform allows him to be in constant contact with teachers and tutors and should he wish to, he can think of taking a second degree while working. You can plan your study, choose when to take the exam and enroll at any time of the year, earning a degree that is fully recognized by the Ministry of Education.

In traditional universities, not being able to attend classes often leads to penalties. In telematic universities, graduating working full time is possible and does not involve particular complications. Full time work is combined with this kind of university allowing you to take a degree while you work.

You can attend your university wherever you are, with no limits of space and time: you can study in the evening when you return from work or at night, on a lunch break or while you are waiting for the bus.

Just turn on your PC, smartphone or tablet and connect to the teaching area: the learning environment gives you access to academic lessons, teaching materials (slides, books and articles, exercises, etc.), multimedia products, databases, exercises, evaluation and self-evaluation systems, online tutoring, forums, chats, etc. So here's how to graduate while working without encountering too many problems.

The online university also combines well for the elderly: you can earn a degree without giving up your social life. Another point in favor of online education is the savings on study materials, which is good for the wallet (we already talked about it in this article: Online University Costs: how to choose the cheapest Telematic University), but it also has an implication ecological.

Although this is extremely advantageous for those who need to study while working full time, it is also possible to carry out exercises and discuss with students and teachers in special discussion forums. There are also concessions for those who study and work at the same time.

The concessions are regulated through collective bargaining agreements, which may provide for special shifts and even exemption from overtime. The collective agreement also provides for a number of paid hours that can be granted to the worker. Where foreseen, in order to take advantage of permits and concessions, the worker must submit an application to the company by a set date and must document participation in courses and the carrying out of exams with adequate documentation.

In some cases, the the fact of having a job also plays a role in the preparation of the enrollment estimate: thanks to some agreements it is possible to pay much less or take advantage of a scholarship. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to find out more.

In this period of health emergency in which most of the workers are in smart working, study from home, without having to mobilize to reach a physical location and the necessary organization that follows, gives the student the advantage of having much more time to devote to study and their daily life.

It is only necessary to organize a quiet space within the home in order to allow everyone to graduate while working.

With time and the advancement of technology, which has contributed to modifying and expanding the individual experience of the study, many boundaries have now been crossed. Now university and work are two compatible activities and if you have the desire to take a degree, this is the best time to do it. You have a home that allows you to amortize costs and travel times and focus better on your goals.

Attending an online university can also give other advantages to the working student, allowing him to optimize his study time and to schedule the exam sessions in time, if you want to know more you just have to fill in the online form made available so that you can be contacted free of charge and without obligation by one of our experts in the field.

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