The Higher Institute of Health on MIUR data on infections in schools: "Not in our possession"

The Higher Institute of Health on MIUR data on infections in schools: Not in our possession

Challenging the data on infections in schools, provided to Wired by her own ministry, Lucia Azzolina said she had turned the numbers to the ISS

(photo: Getty Images) The data on infections in schools "are not in our possession ". This is the response of the Higher Institute of Health (Iss) to the request for generalized access presented by Wired, with which we asked for the now famous numbers that the MIUR would pass on to the Iss. , Wired had submitted a Foia request addressed to both the Miur and the ISS. Objective: to obtain a copy of the dataset that contains the infections recorded in the school population. Data that the minister herself said were collected by the ministry, through this questionnaire, and sent to the Higher Institute of Health.

On November 26, the Ministry of Public Education transmitted these data to the editorial staff, which indicate a little of 65 thousand positives recorded among students, teachers and technical and administrative staff, through a questionnaire filled in by school managers. Numbers covering the period from the beginning of school to the end of October.

By specifying the limits in the dataset, Wired had calculated an indicator to compare the situation in the classroom with that in society in general.

body.isDesktop .tableauPlaceholder {height: auto! important;} body.isDesktop .tableauWrapper iframe {height: auto! important ;;}. tableauWrapper> p {line-height: 0; margin: 0! important ;} This analysis was branded by Minister Azzolina, in the course of a television interview, as "a blunder", despite the fact that the data came from her own ministry and reiterating that she had entrusted the numbers on schools to the ISS, to which we decided to contact us. After the 30 days required by law to respond to a request for generalized access without receiving a response from the Higher Institute of Health, we asked for a review, involving their transparency manager. Who, on December 9th, sent this reply, signed by the director of the Epidemiology department Patrizio Pezzotti.

A few lines of text to state that "the request refers to data from the Ministry of Education and therefore not in our possession ". Upon a further request for clarification from the editorial staff, the Institute reiterated that "the data subject to the access request are collected by the Ministry of Education and not available to the Higher Institute of Health", undertaking to forward our request to the Miur.

In the meantime we have made a further request for access to the Miur, asking for an update on the infections that also includes the period after 31 October and we await an answer. Hoping that this time the data received is not a blunder.

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