Cyberpunk 2077 - Night City's Most Charismatic Machines!

Cyberpunk 2077 - Night City's Most Charismatic Machines!
Welcome to the new issue of Wheelpunk, the magazine on Cyberpunk 2077 for those who love motors!

In this special issue we have decided to reward the most charismatic racing cars of Night City. What do we mean by charismatics? Who know their stuff, who know how to look a choomba in the eye exactly as a choomba looks at their headlights. Will it be love? Indeed it is. For the occasion, we unleashed our journalists and several TypingDrones to ask the inhabitants of the city what their favorite car was. The result can be found right here, after this introduction, and is composed of five cars and a motorcycle of those Made in Japan that our publisher likes so much, the one who disappeared in the summer during a report in the Somali sprawl (we miss you, Jonas!) you have surely heard about on holodeck. And now no more chat, ready at the starting blocks and ... go!

Happy reading from your Nomad Santiago Seritzy!

Yaiba Kusanagi CT3-X

You want to whiz in the streets of Night City like real samurai? This is the bike for you. Yaiba has pulled out of its workshops a true marvel, the Yaiba Kusanagi CT3-X, designed for the most demanding motorcyclists, preferably with an inordinate passion for Japanese animation: the name is a clear homage to Motoko Kusanai from Ghost in The Shell, while the livery can only bring to mind the bike ridden by Kaneda in Akira. Although it tends to embark more than it should, with its over 200km / h speed it can eat up straights like no other two-wheeler. But the true miracle Yaiba did it while maintaining surprisingly modest costs.

Chevillon Emperor

Not everyone has the need to speed through the streets of the city, others prefer to stay safe driving the new Chevillon Emperor. The project was born in collaboration with Militech and is already highly appreciated by the Arasaka high spheres. The civilian version, the Emperor 620 Ragnar is a real tank without tracks, an all-body that swaps more spacious interiors for an armor that will make you feel safe even in front of a cyberpsychopath armed to the teeth. The price is not the most affordable, but driving it you will feel like you are master of the road and the badlands, although its off-road capabilities are somewhat limited. The only downside, apart from a not very exciting (but not surprising) speed is the rather limited braking capacity.

Mizutani Shion

When referring to the Mizutani Shion it is not we are simply talking about a car, but an icon. The Japanese two-seater, with its 320 horsepower, may not be the fastest car around but it is undoubtedly one of the most versatile. And it is also this, in addition to its immortal line, that has made it a classic that despite the years continues to fill the streets around the world. It is agile, responsive, prone to violent skidding yet immediately docile in the heel. As if that were not enough, its enveloping interiors will allow you maximum comfort without limiting visibility. The second-hand market is thriving thanks to models of every vintage, all extremely reliable. Let's talk about Mizutani, after all.

Mizutani Shion Coyote

The Shion is also the protagonist of our Tuned Car of the month (SeritzyApproved!). The credit goes to the guys from the Badlands who created and sold the Shion Coyote, an off-road and well-armored version of the classic Mizutani. The Coyote is a monster in beauty and performance, with the only limit of leaving the rear engine practically uncovered, protected only by a large spoiler that allows it to cling to the ground and devour it meter after meter. However, the Coyote will give the best on dirt roads, thanks to increased suspensions, toothed wheels and a new engine designed to respond to every solicitation. A dream vehicle for those who live outside the city, an irresistible whim for corporate who love adventure. Do you like the idea? Get ready to spend at least 115,000 EuroDollars!

Quadra Type-66 Avenger

The Type 66, whose first model dates back to 2055, proved to be an immortal car thanks to a line that recalls the muscle cars of the last century and a tireless engine. The Avenger model is precisely the one that celebrates the historical origins of the Type-66 series, a coupe with sincere and overwhelming power, for a car capable of feeling at ease both on the streets of Night City and among the leathery ruins of the Vindaille. And if you think that such a marvel costs an eye from the head, you are on the wrong track (however suitable for the Type-66): you can make it yours for only 58.000 EuroDollars. But if you are looking for comfort and frills, perhaps it is better to look elsewhere as the interiors are quite basic even in the richest models.

Archer Quartz

Economical but tireless, the Archer Quartz is the machine of those on the hunt for glory in Night City. Anyone who has tried their luck in the great American city started driving an Archer car, and after finding it, they held it tight in the garage to remember its origins. The best thing about this car is that there are so many different models, with interiors that perfectly match the owner's inspiration. There is the most colorful version, the one in perfect chrome, the one with neural interfaces and the lightest possible one that has the audacity to participate, and often win, in the numerous underground races organized outside the city. If you are looking for a car but can't afford one, look for an Archer!

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