The best board games for the whole family

The best board games for the whole family
Board games have always been the concept of the game for the family. Beyond the great classics, the market has produced many alternatives to the various Risiko, Monopoly and company, including more or less elaborate and immediate products.

Whether it is toa> play with one's parents, children or relatives who have come visiting during the holidays maybe, you can't be caught unprepared without a game to play on the fly. This is why we recommend what we believe are the best board games for the whole family.

The best board games for the whole family

Unicorn Fever Carcassonne Just One Dixit Dobble The Game of Life

Unicorn Fever

Unicorns are never enough around the web, and the world of board games could not help but be filled with eccentric colored horses. Unicorn Fever is a game set in a fantastic fairy world, where unicorns are assets to bet on and are at the center of incredible competitions.

In the game you will have to bet on your winning unicorn, make up races, invest in delicious creatures and their stables. The aim of the game is to get rich of course, and in the meantime you can ask for help from some shady helpers or even get to ask for a loan from the dangerous underworld of the fairy kingdom. A delightful reworking of the theme, the most colorful mandrakata in the world of board games for the whole family for a group of 2-6 players.

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Comparable only to Risiko! o Monopoly for its popularity, Carcassone must not be missing in your collection. A game suitable for everyone, for 2-5 players with a duration of 30-45 minutes per game, which over the years has collected a myriad of expansions, and whose charm still resists today.

In Carcassonne, players have to score points by placing their workers (the famous meeples) on the tiles that make up the map. At each turn, the players reveal the tiles that represent some elements of a medieval landscape, placing them in order to build a scenario that is always consistent, which will be expanded each turn. While tiles are being placed, meeples can be used to extend their influence over areas and earn points. But the meeples are limited, and until the area is closed (for each element such as roads, cities and so on there is a different method) the worker cannot be reused.

With its structure of very simple game, Carcassonne is the classic board game that improves and extends its potential game after partica. Whether you play with the basic version, but above all by adding one of the many expansions.

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Just One

In case you have a large family, Just One is the game we recommend. This is a cooperative where you will have to sharpen your wits to find a series of words, but only once, to score as many points as possible for your team, among 13 random words that are drawn at the beginning of the game.

One of the players takes turns showing the floor to the rest of the team without looking at it. The others will have to secretly write one, but only one, which somehow relates to the mysterious word, with the aim of making the player guess it. The goal is to choose neither a word that is too simple nor too abstruse, because after everyone has written their only clue, the players will confront each other to delete the shared clues, thus decreasing the help they will give to the one who will have to identify. the mysterious word.

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We can't help but start with a great classic: Dixit. Among the most famous party games in circulation, in Dixit you will have to work your imagination, creativity, and the ability to combine ideas and lateral thinking. In this way it may sound complicated, but Dixit is really suitable for everyone.

Each player has a deck of cards, with very evocative and often abstract artwork. The player whose turn it is, called the Narrator, chooses one of his cards providing a clue to the other players which can be a phrase, a quote, a sound, or any type of word. The others will have to play one of their cards in turn, inspired by the Narrator's clue. Once all the cards have been revealed, the players' task is to find out which of all the Narrator cards is.

Dixit is a game for a group of 3-6 people, while Dixit Odyssey (which we recommend buying) can be played by 3-12 people complete with team game modes. If you get tired of the card designs - difficult already - in the future you can expand the deck of cards with the many expansions available.

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We cannot fail to include one of the most classic reflex games of recent years, namely Dobble, in games for families. Meanwhile, it has five different game modes, but the most famous is definitely the main one.

The game tests the glance, because the goal is to find a particular design within the colorful round cards that make up the deck, with a lot of designs of various sizes and colors for each. At each turn there is a reference card that defines which symbol to find, and the first one who finds it must simply grab it before the others, and the next card will be the reference for the next draw. Dobble is a fun and lively game, ideal for waking up the typical torpor of the holidays.

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The Game of Life

When it comes to family, The Game of Life is one of those classics that cannot be missed. Whether it's to joke about life's vicissitudes, or perhaps teach younger players something, The Game of Life is a wonderful journey for 2-4 players where life becomes full of adventures, family experiences and unimaginable surprises.

The goals of the game become those of life. Finding a job, studying, having children or finding the love of life, all coded in a very nice and fun way in terms of playing the money you will get along the way. In fact, at the end of the game, the player with the most money of all will win.

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