Superman 64, one of the ugliest video games ever, arrives on Playstation

Superman 64, one of the ugliest video games ever, arrives on Playstation

Born for the Nintendo 64, it has been made public and downloadable, you can play it with an emulator

(Photo: Titus) The opinion is rather unanimous that Superman 64 is one of the ugliest video games ever released for Nintendo 64 both in terms of graphics and of history and gameplay, but it is this horrible reputation that has made him somehow famous. Released in 1999, it was also ready to land on the Playstation platform, but the debut was wrecked for legal reasons. Today, however, it becomes downloadable and playable by everyone, just an emulator.

Superman 64 was developed by Titus Software in 1999 based on the animated series The Adventures of Superman. In the game, you had to fight Lex Luthor who had created a virtual version of Metropolis by trapping Lois Lane as well as the young Daily Planet photographer, Jimmy Olsen, and Professor Emil Hamilton. By sneaking into the world of pixels, one could defeat the villain and restore peace.

Superman 64 has scored disastrous scores from various reviewers with an average of about one in five or 20% when in percentage. The finger was pointed at the fact that the superhero was difficult to control and was constantly enveloped by an annoying blue mist that blocked part of the view making the gameplay difficult.

Yeah dude, alternate universe Superman 64 (the unreleased PlayStation game planned to come out around the same time) just dropped. First time I've ever seen a video game prototype get released on Deviant Art. Https://

- Frank Cifaldi in the Alien Asylum (@frankcifaldi) November 30, 2020

The conversion for PlayStation of the game had been entrusted to the company BlueSky Software, which however was blocked a step away from distribution due to the expiration of the rights license with Warner Bros. In short, it seemed that only Nintendo users could "Enjoy" one of the ugliest games ever. At least until 2013, when Richard Mandel managed to get his hands on a unique copy of a definitive version of the game auctioned on eBay.

The authenticity has been confirmed by Frank Cifaldi, founder of Video Game History Foundation which dated the file eight months after the game's public demo. And so, in 2020, with a long post on his Deviantart page, Mandel made public the file that can be downloaded and played freely using a Playstation emulator. Only for the bravest.

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