Bonus bikes and electric scooters: the point of the situation

Bonus bikes and electric scooters: the point of the situation
Almost a month after the start of the so-called click day, the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa returns to talk about the bonus for electric bikes and scooters, taking stock of the situation. In recent days, there have been complaints from many citizens who, apparently, have had problems and delays with the disbursement of the much-discussed bonus. At the beginning of November, Minister Costa had in fact reassured all the beneficiaries of the voucher dedicated to electric mobility, stating that within 10 working days - from the start of the procedure carried out online - they would have obtained a refund. However, this was not the case.

Fortunately, it would seem that the situation - from this point of view - has improved. In fact, according to what was stated by the Minister of the Environment, up to now more than 100,000 citizens have finally obtained reimbursement for the purchase of an electric bike or scooter. Good news also for those who have not yet received accreditation because - most likely - the wait is not going to last a little longer. Minister Costa would in fact have declared that it is a matter of days, or even hours.

If this were the case, the long and much discussed issue concerning the bike bonus could finally be concluded soon. Unfortunately, however, another issue is causing controversy on the part of some citizens. In fact, not everyone managed to register on the platform made available by Minister Costa for the payment of the voucher. The causes of these problems are now known and mainly concern the almost immediate exhaustion of allocated funds and the high number of users who attempted to access the platform, inevitably crashing the entire system.

Also on that occasion, the Minister of the Environment reassured everyone, stating that every citizen who is entitled to the bonus will be reimbursed. Therefore, until 9 December 2020, those who have not been able to register on the platform can do so through the website. As Sergio Costa has repeatedly stated, it is necessary to know with certainty how many citizens benefit from the bonus. By doing so, you will have a clear picture regarding the new amount to be allocated for the purchase of electric bikes or scooters and, most likely, the funds will be available again starting from January / February 2021.

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