Sony A9 OLED review

Sony A9 OLED review
Together with the LG CX48, the Sony A9 (KD-48A9) is the first "small format" OLED TV. Thanks to the 48-inch diagonal and compact design it fits more easily into small living rooms and less generous spaces.

This fact in itself is certainly good news, because it means that having little space no longer requires you to settle for quality, even if of course having one of the best TVs around also means paying the price. And in the case of this Sony A9 the figures involved are substantial.


As in most aspects, the design of the Sony A9 Master Series is basically identical to that of the Sony A8 and that of the Sony AG9, except for the size. We refer you to the reviews of those models for details that we have not explored in this article.

We therefore find the very thin panel, even if the total thickness of the TV is still around 20 cm, since the bottom and rear must make room for electronic components and speakers. In any case it is a compact and light television, which will be easy to install in any environment.

If you decide to use the pedestal, you will find a particularly low and discreet stand. In fact, the TV is raised from the floor by very little, only a few millimeters. A choice that is aesthetically convincing, but if you want to put it on a desk and use it as a monitor for your PC, then some solution may be needed to keep it a little higher - otherwise the lower part ends up being covered by the keyboard and ours. same hands.

We are sure, however, that few people will use a 48-inch screen as a PC monitor. However, the design could also be a problem for those who want to use a soundbar under the TV itself: in this case, an alternative solution will have to be found and a new cabinet may be needed. Sony is probably counting on the fact that you won't want to use a soundbar, thanks to the (excellent indeed) audio qualities of this TV.

The best solution, however, in our opinion is always wall mounting via the VESA mount.

Behind and on the sides we find a complete set of connections: antenna, satellite, three USB ports, optical and jack audio outputs, four HDMI, one of which with eARC support. Unfortunately, the ability to manage 4K / 120 FPS video signals via HDMI is missing, which makes this TV less interesting for those who are considering buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X, or even for those who want to use the TV in conjunction with a PC. high-end gaming.

Image quality

The Sony A9 is built around the Sony X1 Ultimate processor, the best offered by the Japanese house and the same one we find on the Sony AG9 and on the Sony A8. And in fact we find the same, incredible performances of the other two TVs.

We then find the other features that we appreciated in the other Sony TVs: Object-Based Super Resolution, Object-Based HDR Remaster, Pixel Contrast Booster, X- Motion Clarity (but Sony AG9 boasts Motionflow XR, which is slightly better) and Acoustic Surface Audio (AG9 instead has Acoustic Surface Audio +).

Compared to the top of the range AG9, therefore, we detect some inferior features. But this is an inferiority only "on paper", because the Sony A9 remains an excellent TV. Sony, perhaps, could try to manage its catalog in a more orderly and more coherent way.

That said, there isn't much to say about the performance of the Sony A9, which we haven't already said about the Sony A8 and Sony AG9. Perfect contrast, exemplary motion management, the best upscaling available on the market today. Just like its siblings, this Master Series represents the best available on the market today, if your parameter is picture quality - no matter what source you use.

We liked the default settings, but if not Should this be your case, Sony offers plenty of options to adjust images to your liking.

Compared to its direct competitor, LG CX48, the Sony A9 manages to do a little better in detail in darker areas of the frame, and perhaps has a few less halo in the more complex passages. It is a difference that can only be noticed by paying close attention, however, and only if you are lucky enough to see them side by side.

Sony's superiority in handling motion is clearer - one aspect which in our opinion is particularly important and that it is all due to Sony's processor and software developed by the company.

This TV, predictably, gives its best with cinema: start a 4K movie from a any source, and you may not miss a cinema - especially if you also have a home theater system in the room.


Sony once again confirms its choice to use Android TV, which we appreciate very much. This software is now mature, stable and ergonomic - especially with the powerful hardware platform of this Sony A9.

The interface is perhaps less elegant than those proposed by Samsung or LG, but it is also more orderly and functional , devoid of elements of dubious usefulness and with a homepage that is easy to understand even for the less accustomed to modern devices.

The range of applications is vast and complete and, thanks to the fact that it is Android TV, you will be able to access many foreign television apps that you will not find on Samsung or LG. If you usually watch platforms from Germany, Spain or other countries, this is a detail to consider.

And if something is missing, you can probably compensate by using the integrated streaming functions, Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay2.


The Sony KD-48A9 offers the same Acoustic Surface Audio technology seen on the Sony A8 and Sony AG9, which is remarkable considering its smaller size. And it is certainly a pleasure to have a television with excellent video performance, which does just as well from an audio point of view.

We must however remember that we are talking about excellent performance for a television. This Sony A9 integrates under-screen actuators and subwoofers, which generate a rich, full and well-placed sound in space.

Performance is on par with a mid-range soundbar (products from around 600-800 euros) and clearly superior to those typical of a TV. They are even better than the LG CX48 but not by much. This is certainly a fantastic result, and many people will be satisfied with the audio performance without feeling the need to take a separate device.

The maximum volume is very loud, but even at maximum it remains clean and distortion-free, with the sounds well separated. On the contrary, lowering the speech always remains understandable, an aspect to consider for those who love to watch TV while someone else is in bed.


The Sony A9 48 KD-48A9 it's a fantastic TV, arguably the best 48-inch ever made. If you are looking for the best possible movie watching experience, but in a compact format, it is the best choice.

That said, it is also quite expensive. In fact, it will take around 200 euros more than the LG CX48, and it's a difficult difference to justify: in many ways the Sony is superior, but not so much that you invest more in it.

In addition, the Sony A9 does not have an HDMI 2.1 port and does not allow playing in 4K / 120 FPS with the new consoles. Which seems absurd since Sony is also the manufacturer of the PS5, and with this choice it moves away from its fans.

At least some, because clearly the game at 4K / 120 FPS is not the only one relevant detail when it comes to the new consoles. Indeed, it is probably one of the less important ones, and for everything else this Sony A9 is also an excellent TV for gaming, so in the end it will also be good for gamers who prefer to have an excellent TV for other aspects as well, perhaps giving up. to that single detail.

If you are looking for a television that is not too big but offers the best you can get from a television, it is undoubtedly the Sony A9 48 KD-48A9

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