No More Heroes 3: Preview of the crazy action slapstick

No More Heroes 3: Preview of the crazy action slapstick
Three No More Heroes in one booklet - the stars were favorable for Grasshopper Manufacture and the head of the studio, Suda51 (known in real life as Goichi Suda). If you like the impressions of the predecessors in the test area, then this preview of everything that may come in the third part should be of great interest to you, so let's go!

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Almost like at ALF

Travis Touchdown doesn't calm down, and that despite a long pause. No More Heroes 3 plays between the two predecessors, what happened in the Japan-exclusive spin-off for smartphones and in Travis Strikes Again, however, is apparently irrelevant. This time the story begins with a sharp jump in time, the clock is turned back to 20 years before the events of the first game.


No More Heroes 3: The Comeback of Travis in new trailer loadVideoPlayer ('82377', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 16, '16: 9 ', false, 1363042, false, 275682, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); A boy named Damon finds a little alien. Damon is helpful and hides the alien at home, preventing government agencies from arresting the mysterious intruder. When the two investigate the crash site of the ship, Damon finds remnants of the alien technology that allows him to get his guest's vehicle afloat again so that he can return to his home. FU - as the alien is called - gratefully promises Damon on the journey home to return 20 years later. What a touching story!

Bad surprise

When an alien overwhelming power threatens to destroy the earth, it is of course a job for the best assassin in the world: Travis Touchdown, hero of No More Heroes. Source: Nintendo Suda's works are not known to serve up any sentimental feeldgood tales, however, and so the tide has turned 20 years later. Damon is now a successful entrepreneur - he owes this to his knowledge of alien technology, which he knows how to use for his company. Now he is longingly waiting for FU to return. He actually appears again with his ship and eight assistants in tow and is happy to see you again. In the same breath he asks Damon to help him subjugate the earth. While Damon used the meantime to build his empire, FU only drove criminal nonsense like the destruction of various planets. Now only one thing can prevent the extermination of mankind and all its achievements: Travis Touchdown, of course, the best assassin in the world! With No More Heroes 3, the story of the hero with the laser katana should come to an end. Originally, the game should have been released at the end of 2020, but like so many developers, the pandemic thwarted the project. The departure from Travis was therefore postponed until 2021, there is no specific date.

Inspiration Marvel

A fireworks display of pop culture: Suda likes to be inspired by anime and films. A mecha (left in the picture) cannot be missing in No More Heroes 3 either. Source: Nintendo When it comes to gameplay, the focus is once again on the action. In wild skirmishes Travis has to assert himself against the alien villains and swing his katana. Suda51 was inspired by superhero films such as Marvel's Avengers: The clashes against the seemingly overpowering aliens should turn out to be extremely impressive, like the fights against Thanos on screen. In general, the developer likes to be inspired by pop culture: As fans know, hero Travis is a big video game and anime fan himself, his wife Sylvia quit her job as an employee of the assassin agency in No More Heroes 3 and earned her money her buns now as an influencer. The well-known character Destroyman will also return, as will other dazzling characters from the game series.

Big, but not gigantic

The aliens should look impressive and powerful. Suda was inspired by various movies from the Marvel universe such as The Avengers. Source: Nintendo No More Heroes 3 will have an open game world, mini-games are returning and all sorts of sideline activities. However, Suda himself also notes that you cannot realistically expect a gigantic playground from the approximately 100-man strong studio as with The Witcher 3 or various Ubisoft games - nevertheless, the team is striving to create the largest environment in a part of the series so far . The Unreal Engine 4 serves as the graphic framework, as usual the title relies on a bright, colorful look full of colors and effects. By the way, fans would have liked to have seen clear impressions of No More Heroes 3 earlier, as part of the 2020 New Game Plus Expo, Suda presented scenes from the game, but half covered by his own body.

Spoke in the accompanying interview he also does not talk about No More Heroes 3, but about the Switch games that he plans to enjoy during the Corona lockdown. The director has his own mind, and for that the fans love not only him but also his work. In the third part of the series, the drummer of a Japanese alternative metal band is responsible for parts of the music, but the rest of the soundtrack is again created by Kazuhiro Abo, who already wrote the tracks for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Anyone who needs more action after Bayonetta and likes weird characters - or who has perhaps just learned to love the two predecessors - is looking forward to the release with anticipation.

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