Microsoft and Kojima Productions: purchase on the horizon?

Microsoft and Kojima Productions: purchase on the horizon?
Like every single self-respecting industry, even that linked to the videogame world tends to expand constantly. Day after day, more and more companies risk commercial moves that tend to shift the balance of the economy. Among the most concrete examples, Microsoft is certainly one of the giants most likely to invest in an almost aggressive way. Already only during this 2020 we have seen the Redmond house exploit its financial resources to make impressive purchases. This is why many expect to see similar moves more and more often from the American giant.

It has been weeks since certain rumors are becoming more and more insistent, especially when it comes to future purchases by Microsoft . We know (at least according to rumors) that the Redmond giant is in talks with Japanese companies, but we still don't know exactly all the details. Many media whispers would report that the American house seems more willing to shop also on Japanese territory. So the possibility of seeing SEGA or a certain Kojima Productions join the Xbox Game Studios “roster” is increasingly probable? Not really!

It's a section of a Spanish magazine where they ask users to guess if something it's true or fake. So this is obviously fake

- Dani (@ y2konya) December 5, 2020

If on SEGA in the last few months we have had a lot of clues, on Kojima Produtions the speech changes slightly. To clarify immediately: No! Microsoft is not going to buy Hideo Kojima's house. Everything was born because of a misunderstanding. A Spanish video game magazine reported a segment among its various articles that read the following words: “It is confirmed that the next studio that Microsoft will buy will be Kojima Productions! "

Unfortunately, the paragraph is not based on any concrete evidence regarding a future purchase, but belongs to a special column of the magazine in question. This was confirmed by a Twitter user who seems to know the magazine in question well, adding that the column in question is used to give rise to discussions between users on hypothetical situations. Unfortunately, many have taken the words of the Spanish newspaper literally, heralding the article as concrete truth.

For the moment, therefore, there is no indication that Microsoft has acquired Kojima Productions. The future will surely still hold some surprises for us (especially when we talk about the Redmond house). Currently we have to settle for certainties and leave aside these rumors sometimes far-fetched.

Unfortunately, the works of Hideo Kojima are now rare stuff on Microsoft consoles, however you can recover the "old" Metal Gear Solid V on Xbox . If you have a PS4 instead, we suggest you take a look at Death Stranding!

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