Volkswagen, CO2 emissions: in 2020 and 2021 it is difficult to respect the limits

Volkswagen, CO2 emissions: in 2020 and 2021 it is difficult to respect the limits
It will be difficult to comply with the limits imposed by the European Union relating to CO2 emissions. These are the assumptions of the Volkswagen group which, a little less than a month before the end of the year, is afraid of violating the established rules, consequently facing drastic sanctions.

Referring to what has been declared, in a interview with a German weekly, by Volkswagen CEO Herber Diess there is little chance that the Wolfsburg group will be able to sell enough electric cars to meet EU requirements, not only for 2020 but also for 2021.

The German CEO himself said:

We are now working under great pressure to get as close to our goals as possible. Next year will be easier and by 2022 we should have no more problems reaching the targets.

Not surprisingly, Herber Diess admitted that the company started relatively late to convert the fleet of vehicles to the new ones. hybrid and electric technologies, despite the regulations and imposed limits they were aware of.

We won't be able to go much faster before 2025, because there are not enough batteries, the CEO said. However, between 2025 and 2030 we could still grow.

Inevitably, therefore, the Wolfsburg group will face sanctions linked to non-compliance with the limits. However, the same delay in the launch of the ID.3 electric car that hit the market last September, lagging behind previous company objectives, may be among the fundamental reasons.

The race to electrification to avoid sanctions

A common goal. Even the car manufacturer Honda seems willing to speed up the time for electrification of its vehicles. The new restrictions on pollution introduced by the European Union are in fact forcing the Japanese company to anticipate the stop of the production of non-hybrid cars in Europe to 2022.

It is no coincidence that the Japanese company has optimized its its plans for the European market, and within the next two years it aims to electrify (at least in part) all its cars, with the consequent intention to completely stop the production of diesel-powered cars, which has already begun locally in the UK .

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