League of Legends Wild Rift: guide and tricks for new players

League of Legends Wild Rift: guide and tricks for new players
Riot Games' hugely popular MOBA has finally made its debut outside its natural environment, the PC, to land on iOS and Android devices with an edition adapted to mobile gaming. We see in this guide some tricks to start playing useful for all new players of League of Legends.

The Game Arena

The first fundamental thing you will have to learn is the conformation of the arena in which you will find yourself having to clash with your opponents: it is a battlefield divided into three different bands, called lanes or lanes in English, which connect the base of a team, located at the left end of the map, to the base of the other team, symmetrically positioned at the far right. Each lane requires to be tackled in a certain way, and using champions that match the right role for that lane, otherwise you risk being heavily disadvantaged compared to your lane opponent, due to your character's characteristics unsuitable for that task.

The junction area between the three lanes, arranged from top to bottom and called, in jargon, top lane, mid lane and bottom (bot) lane, is called jungle, and also sees the constant presence of a player for both teams. The goal of every match will always be to destroy the enemy base: to do this you will need personal skills, team play, knowledge of the characteristics of the arena and timing, and finally even a small dose of luck.

Top Lane

The upper lane requires that only one player for each team collide, and both will have to try to get supremacy over the opponent in order to then try to defeat, perhaps with the help of the jungle player, the monsters the only ones found inside the jungle near the top lane: these are the Messenger of the Rift, summonable after defeating him to quickly destroy the enemy towers, and the Baron, a majestic monster extremely difficult to take down, but which provides very important bonuses to the whole team.

To face the top lane, among the best champions you can choose there are tanks and fighters: depending on your favorite style of play, you can choose whether to base your tactics on defense or attack. One of the best champions to start with is a sort of marriage between the two philosophies: Garen, in fact, can be safely considered a full-fledged tank, but he also manages to inflict massive damage thanks to his abilities that silence targets and inflict a lot of damage .

Mid Lane

The middle lane is the one that provides the most direct connection between the bases of the two teams, called the Nexus. Also in this case only one player from each team will face each other, but in this case being able to prevail over the opponent becomes fundamental, since the central lane plays a very important role of connection not only between the bases, but also between the other lanes and the jungle, allowing you to quickly reach any point of the arena you want: this is why maintaining control should be a priority for every team.

To better face the pitfalls of the middle lane, the recommended champions are from the category of assassins or wizards: in particular, Lux stands out among the latter, a champion particularly suited to new players. Thanks to its simplicity of use, in fact, Lux allows anyone to be able to play a good game, thanks also to a good mix of skills that allow both to exercise an area control of the terrain, and to attack the enemy directly and inflict a large amount of damage.

Bot Lane

The bottom lane is the only area of ​​the arena where two players per team face off at the same time, and is the lane from which assaults start for grab the numerous and different Dragons that will appear within the portion of the jungle near the bottom lane during the game. For this reason, the collaboration between the two team members who will find themselves in the lower lane becomes essential to try to get a real advantage over the opponents from the very beginning of the game, and then be able to maintain control over the dragons, which provide important bonuses. of team.

The best way to tackle the lower lane is by using a pair of specimens set up by selecting one of the support type and one of the shooter type. In this way, while the first will take care of healing, countering the opponents' abilities and exercising control of the terrain to try to block the enemy in turn, the shooter will have the task of inflicting enormous amounts of damage on the opponents, attempting raids and exploiting the characteristics of her support.

To start, two of the best champions are certainly Ashe and Sona: the first is a shooter who, thanks to her excellent range and her striking skills from afar, he is able to always keep himself out of close combat, while inflicting damage on enemies very quickly. The second is an extremely useful support champion, who can heal and apply other positive effects to his allies, in order to protect the shooter in the lower lane; later in the game, she could start to become dangerous even on her own thanks to her other abilities.


The jungle is the most particular and complex game area to deal with, as it requires an in-depth knowledge of the game that makes it unsuitable for new players. The jungle is populated by creatures of all kinds: by defeating them, most of them will only give you a bonus in money and experience, while others allow you to get passive or active bonuses of various kinds; moreover, as we have already seen, inside the jungle we also find the Messenger of the Rift, the Baron and the Dragons. Knowing the characteristics of each of the monsters of the jungle, therefore, is of fundamental importance to be able to build an effective strategy that leads you to dominate the area and take an advantage over the opponent.

In any case, within the jungle it is possible to use champions of very different roles, among which we include tanks, assassins and shooters, all more or less valid depending on your style of play. If you are a novice in dealing with the jungle, the advice is to turn to a champion like Amumu, who despite his enormous physical resistance is still able, if developed correctly, to inflict considerable damage on any opponent, especially when the game will begin to draw to a close.

We remind you that League of Legends Wild Rift is available in Open Beta on mobile devices, iOS and Android.

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