League of Legends Wild Rift | Preview of the new mobile phenomenon

League of Legends Wild Rift | Preview of the new mobile phenomenon
In the past few days we have had the opportunity to find out more details, as well as to be able to try out in advance, the open beta of League of Legends Wild Rift, which will be made available in Europe starting next December 10th. For those who have never heard of it, this is the version for the mobile platform, also arriving on consoles, of the famous MOBA developed by Riot Games. With a more streamlined game model, designed to guarantee faster games without affecting the important competitive component of the title, League of Legends Wild Rift is preparing to become one of the next mobile phenomena, after having already conquered the eastern market, where it is positioned at the top of the rankings of all the local App marketplaces.

League Of Legends Wild Rift, in fact, reworks the 5 vs 5 strategic fights for a double lever control system, which makes it more usable practice both on the touch screens of mobile devices, and through the numerous controllers available on the market. To make the games faster, given the different play environment compared to the PC platform, new maps of reduced size have been created while maintaining, however, the ten-year mythology of Runeterra and its champions.

The purpose of the game remains similar to the original version of the title: in a square-sized map, divided by three lanes (one center and two side) the two teams will be called upon to destroy the opposing Nexus. These bases will be placed at the two opposite corners of the map and to reach them the various players will have to cross the lanes present in the maps, eliminate the opposing players and the turrets placed in defense of the Nexus. League Of Legends Wild Rift, in essence, takes up the fundamentals of the PC and Mac version, and re-proposes it, as we mentioned earlier, in a smaller version that is more dynamic.

Part of the streamlined streamlining process for League Of Legends Wild Rift, it also passes on a renewed management of champions. The 50 characters available, selected from the more than 140 present on the original title and to which some new heroes have been added for this version, are the result of a meticulous balancing work aimed at re-adapting the control system in an environment in which, for reasons of pure necessity, fewer commands are required. Each champion, in fact, will have four skills and two spells available, in addition to the command for the recall and for the use of the lights. The cooldowns seemed slightly faster than the PC counterpart, as well as the changes made to some skills, more sensible for the ultimate purpose of speeding up the clashes.

The management sector of League Of Legends Wild Rift is presented in a very similar way to the one already widely known by fans of the title with a well-stocked emporium and which presents some news in terms of the types of objects available inside. The introduction of the quick shop is also very interesting, which reduces the most static moments, allowing quick upgrades without leaving the game action. All these aspects converge in an experience that is able to faithfully reproduce what is experienced in the PC version of League Of Legends, succeeding in the arduous task of not excessively distorting the essence of the game, offering a variant that we are sure will be able to breach lovers. of MOBAs and that, undoubtedly, blends perfectly with the mobile and console environment.

The presence of a large section dedicated to game tutorials and a series of challenges designed for those unfamiliar with the original title is appreciated . Finally, the possibility of playing in co-op with a friend against AI is very intriguing, a simple and fun solution to play with your friends and practice. In terms of microtransactions, however, we find a monetization system very similar to that seen in the PC version. League Of Legends Wild Rift, in fact, will offer players a wide choice of cosmetic elements as well as the possibility of buying some samples, which can still be obtained for free by constantly playing.

League Of Legends Wild Rift also aims to establish itself in the scene competitive, as amply demonstrated by a ranked match system with an internal rank system. The package packaged by Riot for this Western Open Beta, shows itself as an already fully functional version of League Of Legends Wild Rift, remaining in a "preventive" "Beta" situation just to be able to receive constant feedback from users and verify the infrastructure operations. We, as far as we could see, were very happy with the final result, even if we await the imminent populating of the servers before we can make a final judgment on this, new, iteration of League Of Legends.

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