Disclose the law

Disclose the law
How is it possible to successfully communicate seemingly complex and articulated issues such as legal ones? What are the secrets to being able to do this through a tool that is accessible to everyone like videos?

To answer these questions, in this episode of Entrepreneurs in Video for Mobile Video Marketing with Manabe Repici, is Angelo Greco, lawyer and youtuber, director of the well-known portal dedicated to jurisprudence Laleggepertutti.it.

Angelo Greco is a legal popularizer, author of non-fiction and has often been a guest of television broadcasts, such as "Tempo e Denaro" on Rai 1 where he is present on a daily basis.

Thanks to his great experience in the field, Angelo Greco tells us which is the best way to address topics such as rules, laws and regulations in video and how to manage to convey them correctly to your audience.

At the service of people

Angelo Greco has a very clear vision of the law: something that is perceived as distant and untouchable by people, but which should instead be made available to everyone . The law, in fact, was written for men and as such it must be usable and be understood by everyone.

Over time, the law has become more and more formal, bureaucratic and unintelligible to "the man in the street". How is it possible to try to reverse the trend and make people understand this issue?

As stated by Angelo Greco to Manabe Repici during Entrepreneurs in Video, there are two aspects: introducing legal education from schools and trying to make people understand the importance of knowing the law in order to avoid the most possible to get to court, where even those who come out victorious do not always gain an advantage.

Angelo Greco's mission with Laleggepertutti.it and his YouTube channel is therefore to take the law and deliver it in the simplest way possible to everyone, thus assuming the role of legal communicator.

From blog to newspaper and YouTube

Angelo Greco's first step in the world of communication was the foundation of Laleggepertutti.it. An informative portal initially born as a blog and advertising for one's professional studio, but soon became an important brand in which it was worth investing.

The secret of the success of Laleggepertutti.it is to be found, as affirmed by Angelo Greco to Manabe Repici, in the choice to use a simple and understandable language to explain the law. Alternating with a little entertainment to make the contents even more usable.

Thanks to this method, over the years the Laleggepertutti.it portal has grown to become a real newspaper with dedicated experts, IT professionals and lawyers. A website among the most widely read in Italy: an incredible result if you think that Laleggepertutti remains a vertical website on the legal topic.

The success of Laleggepertutti.it then led Angelo Greco to be contacted by Rai and to obtain a personal space on Uno Mattina, called “Tempo e Denaro”, in which he always assumed the role of legal communicator.

Once the fear of the camera was defeated, thanks to this experience with Rai 1, Angelo Greco decided to exploit the acquired know-how and finally land on YouTube, where in a short time it has almost reached 300 thousand subscribers.

A considerable success, which made him understand the importance of knowing how to exploit the various communication channels in the best possible way and how they were profoundly different from each other, although apparently similar.

If on Laleggepertutti.it tax issues were the most successful, even collecting hundreds of thousands of visits a day, on YouTube the lion's share was instead the contents dedicated to criminal law. A completely different audience, to be approached in different ways.

The importance of YouTube

But how is it possible to understand exactly which issues are worth focusing on and with which communication channel? As Angelo Greco stated to Manabe Repici during Entrepreneurs in Video, the best method is to rely on the data made available by digital tools and extract information from them.

To be successful on YouTube, Angelo Greco's advice is to focus heavily on personal branding and not on the corporate brand. In fact, people become attached to the single figure and need someone they can trust and who knows how to put their face on it, without being afraid to show themselves.

To do this, you must therefore be able to communicate in a simple and direct way, including a little entertainment in your content to keep your attention high. In short, no technicalities, but direct and immediate communication with their spectators.

YouTube ultimately must be seen as a long-term investment, able to give visibility and importance to the brand like few other tools. To be successful on the platform, Angelo Greco's advice is only one: have consistency and don't give up, with the quality of the contents the results will sooner or later arrive.

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