The boom in ready-made cocktails delivered at home

The boom in ready-made cocktails delivered at home

In bags or bottles, usually already mixed: all ready-to-drinks to be bought online and delivered to your home. To mitigate the nostalgia of the counter

(Photo: Nio Cocktails) The counter, the shaker, the endless bottle box. If you love to drink cocktails (and drink well) all of these things are probably missing a lot. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, going to a bar has become a half mirage: over the months the various dpcm have barred them, closed them in the evening or opened them with the constraint of proper distance from the barman. In short: at the moment having a drink as we were used to is a distant memory.

There are essentially two solutions for mixology enthusiasts. The most willing try their hand at do-it-yourself attempts, trying to mix bottles and spirits (perhaps following recipes and online tutorials). In this case you need many ingredients, practice and a certain taste. For others there are ready-made drinks that arrive at home: just cool or add ice, pour into the glass and that's it.

From Milan to Rome, from Turin to Palermo, there are many places that they prepare their workhorses and deliver them at home with the delivery service. Ordering from the bar of the heart is a way to support him in this dark moment, helping him to survive until it is time to raise the shutter. But there are also many companies that have specialized in this type of product, which have registered a boom in offers. They deliver drinks in bags or bottles all over Italy, also perfect as Christmas gifts. Here are the ones to try.


(Photo: Spirito) The Spirit project is the result of the pandemic and the lockdown. It was born in Brescia, one of the provinces most affected by the first wave, in April 2020. Objective: to bring pre-mixed and packaged premium cocktails throughout Italy, to which only ice is added. The drinks are designed by bartender Cristian Manassi, are gluten and sulphite-free, and are prepared using only natural dyes and products from small traditional distilleries. Online you can buy boxes of five or ten bags (32.50 and 65 euros respectively) single flavor or mixed: ranging from Boulevardier to Moscow Mule.


(Photo: Nonsolococktails) Mattia Pastori's is a well-known name in Italian mixology. After experiences in five-star hotels in Milan (from Armani to Marndarin), he dedicated himself to consulting and opened a school for bartenders, Nonsolococktails. Since November it has also launched a line with its most famous cocktails that arrive at home already mixed: just chill them in the fridge. The box (40 euros, can be bought on the website) contains four drinks in bottles (Martini from Milan, Negroni from Modena, Mediterranean Daiquiri, The Gentlemen), savory snacks and a link to the suggested soundtrack for the aperitif. Those who (yes) give away drinks can participate in an online aperitif-meeting with Pastori on January 21.

Nio Cocktails

(Photo: Nio Cocktails) Nio stands for needs ice only, serves only ice. These packaged cocktails are perhaps the most famous ready to drink around, also because they were among the first. Founded in 2017, Nio Cocktails is an Italian startup that has developed quickly and which today offers on its website 15 cocktails (from Cosmopolitan to Daiquiri) designed by Patrick Pistolesi, barman and founder of Drink Kong, a Rome club that was placed at 45th place in the World's 50 best bars 2020 ranking. They can be bought in boxes of five or ten (29.50 and 54 euros respectively), but there are also special editions such as the one dedicated to chocolate in collaboration with Majani or the one created for GQ.

DelMago Drinks

(Photo: DelMago Drinks) What happens if a starred chef starts making cocktails? The result is DelMago Drinks, a new project signed by Marcello Trentini of the Magorabin in Turin (one Michelin Star). Colorful and fun bottles, created with The Spiritual Machine and filled with traditional drinks such as Mi-To and Vesper. Each is 500 ml (32 euros) and is enough to prepare five glasses. For purists, there are also gin and red vermouth.

Open Ice Enjoy

(Photo: Open Ice Enjoy) The Vicenza-based startup Open Ice Enjoy was born in full lockdown, in March 2020 . Created by Andrea Gallottini, a long experience in food & beverage, offers on its website glass jars with pre-mixed single-portion drinks (the jars can be used directly as glasses) for 6 euros or one-liter bottles of pre-batch, or a mixed base. to which other ingredients can be added to obtain different cocktails. With Rum Sour, for example, Mojito, Cuba Libre and Daiquiri are prepared.

Mr. Bubbles

(Photo: Mr. Bubbles) They come in fun round bottles. Mr. Bubbles drinks can be bought on the site in boxes of six cocktails (36 euros) or, for parties that are now temporarily suspended, for twenty-four (97 euros). Along with the ready-made mixes, ranging from Gin Fizz to Sicilian Mule, from American to Blue Lagoon, you will also receive under glasses and dried fruit to decorate your creations.

The Perfect Cocktail

(Photo: The Perfect Cocktail) From Italy to the USA and back. The packaged drinks of The Perfect Cocktail were born in 2016 from an idea by Gianni Merenda, Max and David Razionale, and made their debut on the American market. For a few months they have also been available in Italy, in 10 traditional flavors (from Martini Cocktail to Old Fashioned) to be served with ice. In addition to the classic boxes (five drinks for 24 euros), on the site you can also order a mini fridge with twenty cocktails for 295 euros.


(Photo: Carpano) Carpano too, historic brand of vermouth, has launched its ready-made drinks in miniature versions. Mi-To and Negroni 100ml bottles can be found in stores, but can also be ordered on various online wine shop platforms, from Tannico to Winelivery.

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