Harvest Moon: One World: Virtual Country Life Preview

Harvest Moon: One World: Virtual Country Life Preview
Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons share an interesting story - you can read more about the competing title in our contemporarily published preview. In a nutshell: The developers of the long-established farming simulation series Harvest Moon are now responsible for Story of Seasons after a dispute over the trademark rights won by publisher Natsume. Harvest Moon, on the other hand, is now being developed by Rising Star Games. But no matter what the name of the studio is, almost no one in the industry was and is safe from the effects of the corona pandemic.

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1 Everything the same? 2 From pole to pole Therefore, the new adventure around cows, vegetables and the quiet country life has been postponed to spring 2021 (more precisely to March 5th) - the game was originally supposed to be released for PS4 and Switch in autumn 2020. The President and CEO of Natsume personally stated in a press release that work is not going as briskly as planned because of the health crisis.

Is everything the same as before?

You know and love it - when you're into Harvest Moon. Your farm is waiting to be ordered by you. Till the soil and harvest vegetables! Source: Natsume With the new games in the Harvest Moon series, fans have been hard on the court since the developer change. But maybe the prospects at One World are better and convince the skeptics too? We dare to take a look at One World: First of all, the basic gameplay remains the same - that's not surprising, since farming simulations are still popular, especially with Switch players and Nintendo fans. The catch in Harvest Moon: One World this time is not that your grandfather will bequeath you a farm. Rather, all sorts of vegetables have disappeared from the game world. You first have to regain the lost knowledge about farm life by studying an old tome, so that your farm gradually grows and thrives. A Harvest Moon without tilling the fields is simply unthinkable!

According to the trailer, this seems to work exactly as it has been known for years: sow various plants on the loosened soil, water them and finally reap the fruits of your efforts to make money with it. You also keep various animals whose natural products you can also profitably sell, such as milk from cows, eggs from chickens, wool from sheep and cheese from goats. In addition, the first pictures reveal that you can hold a dog and a horse again, the game character even takes a seat on a reindeer in the press material. This exotic four-legged friend has to do with the fresh setting of Harvest Moon: One World!

From pole to pole

It's nice and warm in Halo Halo: In addition to snow-covered areas, you'll be in One World can also stroll on wonderful dream beaches. Source: Natsume As the subtitle of the adventure suggests, this time you are in a large game world with different climates. The reindeer is likely to come from the northern area, the snowy Salmiakki. In the trailer, the game character visits a tranquil polar village, populated by a lot of NPCs. One World also offers the completely opposite, namely the South Seas paradise Halo Halo with a white dream beach, palm trees and relaxed tourists. As is customary in the meantime, it is up to the player whether he wants to play a girl or a boy, the romance partners available for selection depend on that.

Horse, goat ... reindeer? The new climatic zones obviously ensure an increase in species in the domestic stable. Source: Natsume At least probably whether Harvest Moon: One World (buy now 49.99 €) will support same-sex relationships is not yet certain. In the first information about the game, Natsume also announced that you would meet familiar faces. Who does this mean? It is not yet clear. Not shown in the trailer, but can already be seen on the artwork, additional areas of the game world such as a threatening volcano or a dry desert with a picturesque oasis. And what do you do in this open (?) Environment full of new climatic zones? That is not yet certain, in the video impressions you simply accompany the game character while walking around a lush green meadow. It is quite possible that you mine resources such as wood and stone on the way, you can also hang out with the inhabitants of the different regions and of course buy from them - for example new seeds for your own farm.

As far as the graphic is concerned, it shows Harvest Moon: One World is primarily simple and conservative. With simple 3D graphics and unimpressive animations, the new part of the series will certainly not win any prizes for its appearance, but at least the overall picture looks coherent. The drawn character portraits in dialogues also seem quite interchangeable. In the end, however, it is only important whether the gameplay unfolds the necessary suction to keep the player in front of the console for a long time. With the alternation between farm work and adventures in the varied game world, this could work out quite well. In direct competition with the competition, Harvest Moon: One World could also pull out of the field as a winner because it will be published just under two weeks before Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. If you are already licking your fingers after finally growing fresh vegetables again, you might choose the offer that is available earlier.

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