Facebook vs Apple for iOS, data and advertising

Facebook vs Apple for iOS, data and advertising
It is a clash of titans what Facebook today sees openly siding against Apple over issues concerning a novelty already planned by the bitten apple and related to the iOS operating system. At the center of the question are the methods of using user information for advertising purposes.

FB in print to protest against Apple

Developers must ask and obtain from directly interested parties explicit permission to collect information about them and to track their online activity as well as within applications (including those of iPadOS). A change that according to the initial roadmap should have made its debut already in September, then postponed until the beginning of 2021 as a result of the manifestations of dissent coming from all over the place between the software houses and those who manage the circuits of advertising. It is likely that many will choose the option of opting out, giving up personalized advertisements.

On the one hand, there is therefore the desire expressed by the Cupertino group to protect the privacy of users, guaranteeing them full control over data concerning them. On the other hand, the need highlighted by FB not to compromise the activity of those who leverage online advertising to reach and retain customers. The social network takes the side of small businesses and does so with a full-page message that appeared today in three of the main US newspapers: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. We report it below in translated form.

At Facebook, small businesses are at the heart of our business. Over 10 million companies use our advertising tools every month to find new customers, hire employees and interact with their communities. Many small businesses have shared concerns about Apple's forced software update that will limit their ability to deliver personalized ads and reach customers effectively.

I'm pretty certain #Facebook is fighting #Apple to retain access to personal data. #PID #privacy. #fullpagead #wsj pic.twitter.com/029WwaGSs0

- Dave Stangis (@DaveStangis) December 16, 2020

In support of its texts, Facebook cites a study according to which the profiling of users for marketing purposes has enabled many entrepreneurs to face the last difficult months tormented by the pandemic. Preventing it would be dealt a blow to them.

42% of small and medium-sized businesses began increasing their use of personalized social media ads during the pandemic, according to a new Deloitte study. Without targeted ads, Facebook data shows that smaller companies will experience a 60% reduction in sales for every dollar invested. While limiting the ability to use personalized ads can impact large companies like us, these changes will be devastating for small businesses, adding to the many challenges they are already facing. Smaller companies deserve to be heard. We listen to you and we are on your side.

The website fb.com/SpeakUpForSmall is also online for the occasion, which collects testimonies and protest voices.

Apple policy may limit yours ability to use your own data to show personalized advertisements to people who may be interested in your business.

At the time this article is written and published, there are no replies from the Cupertino group.

Source: Bloomberg

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