Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon A Time - final trailer and poster

Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon A Time - final trailer and poster
Late yesterday, Studio Khara released the final trailer for Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon A Time on its official youtube channel.

The film, as previously reported, will be released in Japanese cinemas on 23 January 2021 after the postponement caused by the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus epidemic. In fact, the film should have debuted last June.

In this final trailer we can also listen to the main theme of the film entitled One Last Kiss created and performed by Hikaru Utada.

Here is the trailer:

The final poster has arrived with the trailer:

Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon A Time - the new film project

Evangelion 3.0+ 1.0 Thrice Upon A Time is the latest film in the cinematic project created for the beloved robotic franchise by its creator Hideaki Anno and named Shin Evangelion Gekijo-ban (Evangelion New Film Edition).

Dynit who publishes in Italy that these films describes the project as follows:

The meeting of a father and a son who have not seen each other for years, Gendo and Shinji Ikari, turns into the theater of a war frightening. The battle of mankind against the creatures called Angels is played with newly conceived weapons (the Evangelions) and at the same time very ancient (the intellect of the technocrats that manipulates the feelings of the soldiers at the front). A very different ending from what Shinji had imagined on the day he returns to Neo Tokyo-3 to hug his parent again. Having overcome the temptation to escape from himself, the "pilot of hope" discovers a new world, populated by apparently irreconcilable knowledge with the individual he was before arriving at Nerv ...

Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon A Time - staff and details

Very little is known about the plot of Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon A Time and its duration is also unknown for now.

The film was developed by Studio Khara under the supervision of Hideaki Anno. Yusuke Matsui took care of the direction of the animation in computer graphics, Takashi Suzuki of the technical direction of the computer graphics, Manabu Kobayashi of the realization of the 3D models, Syuichi Iseki of the key animations) Nanae Hirabayashi, Hiroaki Yabe and Toyonori Yamada of the photography, Kazuko Kikuchi of the colors and Tatsuya Kushida of the backdrops.

The release of Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon A Time will be accompanied by a manga by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto already character designer of the series.

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