Echo Show 5, the best Amazon Echo you can give away

Echo Show 5, the best Amazon Echo you can give away
The best Amazon Echo you can give away for Christmas 2020 is at this point the Echo Show 5. The reasons are essentially three. First of all, because it is an iconic device, which adds video to Alexa's voice support, enriching the experience and adding the possibility of video calls (an aspect that should not be underestimated for this Christmas season). Furthermore, because the proposed discount is equal to 50% and this represents a respectable cut that brings the price to only 44.99 euros. Last but not least, the most important aspect of all: it is the latest Echo that can be delivered in time for Christmas.

Amazon Echo Show 5, the latest Echo of Christmas

We closely followed the price and availability trends of the Amazon Echoes, both third and fourth generation. After the great exploit of Black Friday they have largely sold out, with delivery times now inexorably moved to mid-January and prices returned to their usual levels. A few hours ago, however, Amazon has revolutionized the price list, evidently finding itself in a position to guarantee further shipments, and has reopened the taps. Once again the simpler devices have sold out and for all now deliveries are set for the month of January (and in any case not in time to be placed under the Christmas tree).

All but one : Amazon Echo Show 5. Both in black and white.

The current price is exactly that of the last Black Friday, so the device returns to the best price ever on the occasion of this latest pre-Christmas exploit .

If the Echo Show 5 remained the last one available, it is certainly not for demerit: the device, indeed, is of sure quality, but the sirens sounded above all for the iconic spherical design of the new generation of Echo Dot (available at a slightly lower price). Furthermore, the usefulness of the 5.5-inch display is often underestimated due to the fact that Alexa presents itself primarily as a voice assistant.

The big brother, Echo Show 8 (94.99 euros) while remaining priced discount will not be delivered before January 5th. Both the new Echo Dot (29.99 euros) and those of the previous generation (24.99 euros) no longer arrive by Christmas and the latter could now effectively go out of production. The Fire TV Cube has a different function and is not comparable to an Echo, but the price rises in any case to 89.99 euros.

The choice is therefore obligatory at this point, but it is still a choice of all valid. And given the scarce availability, in all likelihood it remains an accessible choice only for a few days if not for a few hours: the countdown is at the last tolls, after which it will all be "also to you and your family".

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