Destiny 2: Update released, it's inside

Destiny 2: Update released, it's inside
The development studio Bungie has kept its word and has now released update for the online shooter Destiny 2 and its expansion Beyond Light. You can download the patch or the somewhat more extensive hotfix the next time you start the game and are thus up to date.

Warlock players in particular should be happy about the update. Their ability "Penumbral Explosion" receives a buff: From now on, the range is increased by 37 percent, which grants a considerable advantage in close combat. The developers have also fixed a problem with the friends list in the PS4 version of Destiny 2 (buy now € 8.95) and fixed a freeze bug in connection with the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. Here is the full list of changes:

Patch Notes for Destiny 2 v3.0.1.2


The Kryptolite lure has been adjusted to allow players to do so to charge it twice as fast. Kryptolite bait load limit increased from 3 to 5. Fixed an issue where some players would have to pick up the Kryptolite Bait again every time they started the game. Fixed an issue with the description of the Bait Perk Exclusion mod. The perk "One for All" was incorrectly listed as a possible roll for "Wrath of the Corsair" and has been corrected to the perk "Unyielding". ACTIVITIES

Fixed an issue where some players could not see progress in the Forsaken campaign. Fixed a place where players could leave the area. Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from making progress in the "New Light" introductory quest after the first mission, "A Keeper Rises". Fixed an issue where the Stranger Exo Weekly Challenge was incorrectly translated in some languages. Fixed an issue where Minotaurs, Hydras, and Cyclops were unable to progress through the "Lost Lament" quest. REWARDS

Fixed an issue where deleting a character could reset some Raid Rewards. ECONOMY

The destination materials exchange with the Armorer has been adjusted to reduce the chances of using materials from missing destinations. COMBAT

Fixed an issue where the freeze gesture reduced incoming damage. ABILITIES

Penumbra Blast: Projectile range increased by 37%. Minimum distance for range melee attacks reduced by 32%. So you can trigger the range melee attack closer to the targets. Fixed an issue with the Glacial Quake super where melee attacks would sometimes not activate. Fixed an issue where players would sometimes appear stuck to other players in the trembling action and animation. WEAPONS

Fixed an issue where The Lamentation heavy airstrike would work when the gun was out of ammo. PLATFORMS

Fixed an issue where the PSN friends list was not playing as expected. Fixed an issue with screen tearing on some consoles. Source: Bungie

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