DC Comics, special editions of comics and the best collectibles

DC Comics, special editions of comics and the best collectibles
Are you a huge fan of the DC universe? Do not miss even a number of your favorite comics and want to collect any accessory dedicated to this world? You are in the right place! Below, we compile a series of tips for fans of the DC Comics world, including special and collector's editions of comics, unmissable action figures and Funko POP reproductions! as well as many other accessories, all to be discovered!

DC Comics - The best comics and accessories

Comics: box sets and special editions Action Figure Funko POP! LEGO Film DVD and Blu-ray

Comics: Boxes and Special Editions

Let's start our selection with a product dedicated to one of the main superheroes of this universe, Batman. A Jumbo edition of "Rebirth. Batman ”# 17, with the box set to collect the entire first vintage of the Dark Knight's rebirth. In addition to publishing the new episodes of the Batman rebirth, Nightwing and the other heroic members of the bat-family, this edition contains a special insert that publishes "Millennium Edition: Detective Comics" 27. Contains "Batman" # 16, "Detective Comics" # 950 and "Nightwing" # 14. Below, we also indicate a series of editions published by Neil Gaiman, such as "Hellblazer and the Vertigo heroes": Sandman and the Golden Age hero who used his name, John Constantine, Swamp Thing and many other characters are the protagonists of the stories written by Neil Gaiman since the beginning of his career for the more mature series of DC Comics. There are also other suggestions

»Click here to buy Rinascita. Batman. Ediz. special: 17 - Paperback

»Click here to buy Neil Gaiman collection. Slipcase - Paperback

»Click here to buy Justice League. Ediz. jumbo. With slipcase: 40

»Click here to buy Flash. Ediz. jumbo. With slipcase: 46

»Click here to buy Return of the Dark Knight. Batman. Ediz. deluxe

»Click here to buy Watchmen. Ediz. deluxe (Italian) Hardcover

»Click here to buy No man's land. Batman: 4 (English) Paperback

»Click here to buy Wonder Woman Vs. Cheetah - DC Comics Collection

Action Figure

Our selection begins with a special edition dedicated to Batman and Joker, together in the Batman and the Joker: Best of Enemies: Collector's Guide edition, with two action figures included, approximately 5.5 ″ in vinyl. The special edition also includes an official guide of about 70 pages, to explore the relationship of these two characters with stories directly from Gotham City, in-depths dedicated to over 75 years of history, from the Golden Age of comics to the Modern Age. There are also other suggestions dedicated to the classic action figures, from Batman to Superman and many other characters, in 1:21 scale and produced by Eaglemoss.

»Click here to buy Batman and the Joker: Best of Enemies: Collector's Guide with two action figures

»Click here to buy Batman action figure

» Click here to buy Superman action figure

»Click here to buy Superman action figure with globe Grand Jester Studios - 63.5 cm

»Click here to buy Flash action figure

» Click here to buy 4 action figures dedicated to Batman characters

»Click here to buy Superman pixel action figure

»Click here to buy Joker pixel action figure

» Click here to buy Wonder Woman pixel action figure

Funko POP!

There is also no shortage of the funniest and most fun classic collectible figurines to put in your cart, the Funko POP! dedicated to these mythical characters from the DC Comics world! We suggest a series of figurines about 10 cm high, in vinyl, taken from the upcoming new world, the movie Wonder Woman 1984, and many others. There is also no shortage of characters from the film Aquaman, as well as once again the classic ones of Batman, including Robin, Catwoman and other protagonists of the best DC Comics stories.

»Click here to buy Wonder Woman

»Click here to buy Cheetah

» Click here to buy Aquaman Deluxe

»Click here to buy Two Face

» Click here to buy Shazam

»Click here to buy Batman and Robin - Special Edition

» Click here to buy Catwoman


The world's most famous bricks don't lose opportunity to meet the LEGO world, starting with LEGO Super Heroes Batman Clayface and the Bat-Cavern Invasion with Batman, Bruce Wayne, Robin, Batwoman, Catwoman, a Building Set Full of Details, Scenes and Accessories. Includes Batman's Batarang, Batwomam's Batarang, Catwoman's whip, dynamite and Two-Face's non-firing pistol. Accessory elements include 10 assorted Action Pack elements and 10 assorted Bat Family Pack elements to customize models, minifigures and weapons. Batman, Bruce Wayne, Robin, Catwoman and Two-Face minifigures are included. LEGO Batcave toy including prison and transformation tower modules measures over 8 '' (22cm) high, 16 '' (43cm) wide and 3 '' (9cm) deep. Bat-Tank measures over 3 '' (8cm) high, 3 '' (8cm) long and 2 '' (7cm) wide; clayface stands 12cm tall. This is an example of the product selection below, among many different combinations of LEGO bricks.

»Click here to buy LEGO Super Heroes Batman Clayface and the Batcave Invasion

»Click here to buy LEGO Super Heroes - Invasion of Darkseid

» Click here to buy LEGO Black Manta High Seas Attack

»Click here to buy LEGO Batmobile, Pursuit of Joker with Two Minifigures Batman and Joker

»Click here to buy LEGO Fury of Gorilla Grodd

DVD / Blu-ray films

We conclude our selection with some dedicated films to the superheroes of the DC Comics universe, in particular with some special edition box sets and in DVD and Bluray versions. Among these we have chosen for you 8 Blu-Ray Collectible Movies + Kit Art Card By Panini Comics - Amazon Exclusive, a Numbered Limited Edition Box, the Dc Comics Boxset of 7 Films (4K + Br) with Shazam-Aquaman-Justice League-Wonder Woman and more, next to the DC 5 Film Boxset (5 Blu Ray).

»Click here to buy 8 Blu Ray Movies + Panini Art Card Kit, Limited Edition Numbered Box

»Click here to buy Dc Comics 7 Film Boxset (4K + Br)

» Click here to buy DC 5 Film Boxset (5 Blu Ray)

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