Cyberpunk 2077: Tips on the Breach Protocol - this is how hacking works

Cyberpunk 2077: Tips on the Breach Protocol - this is how hacking works
Using Cyberdeck you hack into all sorts of devices or splitter chips in Cyberpunk 2077. Here you solve a mini-game using the breach protocol to get loot or to remove viruses from splinters. The tutorial on hacking in sci-fi RPG is rather sparse and does not explain how you activate several sequences at the same time. We provide you with tips on the Breach Protocol and tell you how you can effectively get the most out of the hacks. We'll explain hacking in Cyberpunk 2077 using two examples.

First some basic information: You use your cyber deck to hack. This offers a certain Cyberdeck memory for hack actions (Cyberdeck RAM). You also equip slots daemons (small hack programs) that offer you different actions. Already in Act 1 of Cyberpunk 2077 you pick up the ping demon in the quest "The Gift". Our tip: You should get this program as early as possible, because with it you can find the access points of devices that always spit out a few euro dollars and crafting components.

Tips for hacking into Cyberpunk

1 Hack Tips: The Breach Protocol 2 Ping Daemon and Loot Access Points To get the loot, you use the Breach protocol. Running individual daemons costs cyberdeck memory; if this is used up, you no longer carry out hacks. The RAM recharges itself over time, depending on the quality of your Cyberdeck. By the way: The better your Cyberdeck, the more RAM you have available. Better cyberdecks can be used by Ripperdocs. Reading tip: Our review of Cyberpunk 2077 provides you with all the details about the sci-fi role-playing game.

Hack Tips: The Breach Protocol

In the first act of Cyberpunk 2077 you can optionally meet with Meredith Stout from Militec in order to get the details of a military bot in the quest receive. If you have gone the corporate route, you can use a special dialogue option to get the lady to hand you a splinter with money that you should use to pay. This contains a virus that you can remove using a hack via the Breach protocol. Using screenshots from this example, we will explain how to hack.

You hack the Militec splitter in such a way that you dust off both sequences. Important in the screenshot above are the time limit for the breach duration, the buffer and the code matrix on the left and the two sequences on the right. In this example you have a buffer of 6 entries. Since sequence 2 ends with "55" and sequence 1 begins with "55", this number only occupies one of the buffers. So you are able to solve both sequences.

You first fill in the second sequence and ... First you select the first letter-number combination in the upper line. The next selection follows from the corresponding column, then again from the row and so on. If you start the first entry with BD in this example, the time limit runs. Then you continue the lower sequence below with BD.

... make sure that the path with the 55 also starts sequence 1 at the end. This is followed by FF and 55 to complete sequence 2. In order to also fulfill sequence 1, 1C and E9 should be reachable. It is advisable to plan in advance so that the time limit does not sit on your neck. Buffer size and time limit depend on the cyber deck and your perks in the intelligence skill tree under breach protocol.

You fill this out as well. Think about a way before the hack starts so that you keep to the time limit.

Looting ping daemon and access points

In the second example, you pick up the gift from the ping daemon for the quest. You equip this in your cyberdeck and use cameras, machines, screens and more to localize the connected access point. At this access point, V joins in and fills out a breach protocol in order to receive Eurodollar and useful upgrade and crafting materials.

Here you can see your Cyberdeck storage above and the individual Quickhacks on the left. In the screenshot above you can see the available quick hacks on the left. To locate the access point that is connected to the camera, you use "ping". Above in the screenshot you can see the Cyberdeck memory (RAM). This limits the number of quick hacks you can perform. You can also use the breach protocol to reduce the costs of the other hacks. This is where the well-known mini-game starts again.

You join the access point. Triggers ping and then go to the access point to connect and start data mining. Here, too, you use the breach protocol. However, this time it looks different from the example of the Militec splitter.

The direct route to 1C and 55 is not possible ...

The buffer size is in this one Case 5, which is also necessary due to the sequence. In the beginning it is not possible to solve the puzzle with two entries. So you activate 1C in row 1, but the column below does not offer 55.

... but detourable. As one of the possible solutions we go via 1C and E9 to the following sequence 1C and 55. The buffer also accepts entries that do not contribute to the sequence solution, provided it is not full. With the solution, we then receive Eurodollars and components in the values ​​Unusual, Rare and Epic. You should definitely find such access points in the game world to increase both your bank account and your supply of upgrade components. On top of that, keep an eye out for new, better cyberdecks at Ripperdocs. Later in the game you will find even more complicated hacks that require a lot of combinatorics.

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