Twitter says goodbye to Periscope: the app closes in 2021

Twitter says goodbye to Periscope: the app closes in 2021

Its functions have been replaced by live shows directly on the bird platform. The closure from March 2021. Here's what happens to the videos

Twitter greets Periscope (photo: Twitter) Twitter has decided to permanently close Periscope from March 2021 after its services have been largely replaced by the integrated Twitter Live application. The video streaming app joined the Twitter family in 2015 when the social network bought it for $ 100 million.

Since 2018, however, Twitter has seen an increasing decline in use of the portal and assessed that the management costs were too high for the actual use made of it. Therefore, with a tweet, the social network informed users who still use the application that it will permanently close its doors from next year.

Some personal news: the Periscope app will be going away next year. We’re here to say goodbye. 👋

We appreciate all the support, learnings, and broadcasts from our vibrant creator community. More on our difficult decision to discontinue the app: (1/2)

- Periscope (@PeriscopeCo) December 15, 2020

The news comes four days after Alessandro Paluzzi, an Italian expert in reverse engineering, sensed that something was happening on Periscope. The application invited users to follow the broadcasts directly on Twitter and no longer on its portal.

#Twitter may be considering closing #Periscope 👀

- Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) December 11 , 2020

A few hours later Jane Manchun Wong discovered by browsing the Twitter codes that the social network had prepared a Faq page dedicated to the closure of Periscope, confirming the hypothesis put forward by Paluzzi.

This text found inside Twitter's app indicates the shutdown notice might be shown in future versions of the Periscope app, directing users to a FAQ page about the app

- Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) December 11, 2020

"The truth is that the Periscope app has been in an unsustainable state of maintenance for some time" confesses Twitter in the note to the streaming application community.

"We plan to remove Periscope from the app stores by March 2021", continues Twitter specifying that no one will be able to create a new in-app account starting from the next update. Broadcasts shared on Twitter will continue to live as a replay and all broadcasters will be able to download the archive of their broadcasts and data before the app is permanently removed.

Twitter admitted that this decision had already been made by time but that 2020 has brought new priorities to which the social network has dedicated its attention, thus postponing the inevitable announcement of the definitive closure of Periscope.

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