What are the expenses allowed by the state cashback

What are the expenses allowed by the state cashback

In addition to purchases in stores, with the Enel X Pay app, users can get refunds on their bills. Refueling of gasoline and expenses for craftsmen and professionals are also valid

Digital payments (photo by Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / picture alliance via Getty Images) The types of expenses that allow you to accumulate refunds of 10% and up to 150 euro as part of the Christmas extra-cashback program with which the Italia Cashless plan was launched on 8 December, amid many inconveniences and controversies, which aims to encourage purchases with traceable instruments. Among the novelties, the payment of electricity and gas bills with Enel X Pay will also allow you to accumulate 10% cashback.

Permitted expenses

Thanks to the agreement signed with the government, Enel X Pay customers can activate the cashback program directly via the Enel subsidiary's app, without having to download the Io app, with which many users continue to have problems registering their payment methods.

The Enel X account, managed directly online and associated with a digital and physical card of the Mastercard circuit, therefore allows you to use that system and receive a refund of 10% of the expenditure thus made. In this way, the Enel X app is also added to the various alternative systems to the Io app, such as those developed by Nexi, Satispay and Hype, with which you can register for the cashback program in order to receive refunds on your purchases. .

Among the other expenses allowed to obtain reimbursement are those made in shops, bars and restaurants, supermarkets and large-scale distribution, as long as payment is always made with the payment method registered at the time of '' registration in the program or with the service with which you join. Refueling paid for by card also gives you the opportunity to accumulate refunds.

In addition, healthcare expenses and those to craftsmen, such as electricians and plumbers, and professionals, such as dentists and lawyers, are also allowed. Payments for these services, however, must always be made through cards or other digital payment systems and with acceptance devices issued by acquirers that are affiliated with and recognized as members of the cashback program.

Expenses not allowed

On the other hand, expenses made online on ecommerce portals or operations carried out at ATMs, such as telephone top-ups for example, are not allowed. Transfers via SDD system, i.e. direct debits on current account, and recurring payments via debit on card or current account, such as bills or subscriptions, are also excluded.

About the exclusion of online expenses and more generally of the cashback measure, moreover, the economist and former president of INPS, Tito Boeri, rejected the measure on Twitter because "he pushes purchases in stores instead of online only to blame crowds in the streets with shops". Furthermore, they are the "attractive premiums for low incomes but they will go above all to medium-high incomes since they are proportional to expenditure and not to the number of transactions".

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