Cyberpunk 2077: the first gameplay leaks, users are skeptical

Cyberpunk 2077: the first gameplay leaks, users are skeptical
Cyberpunk 2077, the upcoming action-adventure role-playing video game developed by CD Projekt RED, is very close to the release, but Reddit user Malsyon has released some gameplay of the game in advance. The latter were recorded on Xbox One S, via Xbox DVR and prove the game's performance, a very important aspect that all fans have been waiting for for a long time. Will all these years of work and continuous postponements give the general public the desired results?

User Malsyon has shared several clips, starting with the initial tutorial of Cyberpunk 2077, in which you learn the basic mechanics of the game, continuing with some action and shooting phases, without forgetting the moments of exploration of Night City while driving, complete with a view inside the vehicle. However, the numerous accidents and collisions carried out in cars are little convincing, without the latter receiving concrete and significant damage. Furthermore, the performance on the eighth generation console does not seem to be very exciting.

Malsyon has described well each video of Cyberpunk 2077 shared, informing the user that they have played with the Hard mode and have already identified potential bugs in the game - without losing sight of the many burrs in the game that bring out these clips, including frame drops and pop-up effects. Some videos contain spoilers, so we invite you to be very careful if you decide to consult them. A couple of videos had also been posted on YouTube but, for obvious reasons, they are no longer available due to a copyright infringement claim by CD Projekt RED.

Surely, these game clips have been very useful to all those who were eager to find out more before buying Cyberpunk 2077, a title that made a lot of talk about itself and gave space to various perplexities. Users who have viewed this content were not very enthusiastic. Undoubtedly, a refinement patch will certainly be available ona> day one, but will the title be able to really conquer the public? Let us know what you think in the comments section

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