Confesercenti, there is a problem with the cash registers

Confesercenti, there is a problem with the cash registers
Confesercenti asks for it without half measures: postponing the Lottery of Receipts that will start on January 1, 2021 would be the most appropriate thing. At the center of the problem, however, there seems to be something on which all merchants have already had ample time to adapt, that is a simple software update (and in some cases a small hardware adjustment) with which to align their cash register to the new required prerogatives. br>

Confesercenti launches the alarm

With the end of the year the transitory phase ends in which it was possible to adapt one's cash register, passing to the telematic version to produce the electronic receipt. With the takeover of the Receipt Lottery, however, there is also the need for an optical reader that can transpose the Lottery Code before producing the receipt and the software must also be able to receive and record this information, in order to then communicate to the state servers in charge of the draws for the awarding of prizes.

Confesercenti explains: “The Covid emergency has had a very heavy impact on neighborhood businesses. Between forced closures, zero turnover and an uncertain future, many businesses have not yet been able to complete the investments necessary to participate in the Receipt Lottery. Also because the adjustment of the cash registers alone will cost companies about 400 million euros: a figure that is difficult to sustain at the moment, with the prospect of a Christmas below expectations or even a stop of work due to the rules for containing the pandemic. ".

Although the exact figures are not clear, it is estimated that the adjustment can cost in some cases between 200 and 300 euros, while in many others it is only a matter of software update (for which it is still necessary to contact the your supplier). According to Confesercenti, this adjustment has intolerable costs in such a difficult year for small bars or local shops, weighing in an unbalanced way between the activities: "It therefore seems clear to us that there are no conditions to start the Lottery already in January : doing so would mean excluding thousands of consumers and small merchants from winning. The timing must be reviewed, moving the deadline by at least six months. However, the rules of the lottery must also be recalibrated: currently, the winning mechanism is unbalanced, because it guarantees more chances of winning for those who issue the most receipts. An obvious advantage for the giants of large retailers compared to small retailers, and yet another distortion of competition ".

Confesercenti's message also rejects the cashback plan, disputing the fact that in many places there are problems of modernization such that the less “smart” people risk being excluded from the process. On this point the arguments appear objectively distorting, since it is precisely this type of initiative that instead pushes people to study and equip themselves thanks to the obtainable benefit. In the meantime, between one bonus and another, all the dates are confirmed: the Cashless Italia Plan has started and the Receipt Lottery will start on January 1st. Hoping that every cost can one day be counted as an "investment", because it would mean that the benefits of such initiatives have fallen on everyone, fueling a stagnant economy due to the pandemic.

Source: Confesercenti

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