Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, guide to the position of the Acolytes

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, guide to the position of the Acolytes
A bit 'to borrow from what we have already seen in Odyssey and Origins, the Order of the Ancients of Assassin's Creed Valhalla uses formidable warriors to protect its web of subterfuge and conspiracy. These characters roam the game world in certain territories, but their location will not appear on the map until you approach that area or those warriors.

So, the only way to find these fifteen mercenaries is exploring the map. We did it for you and this is our guide to the location of the Acolytes in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Where to find the fifteen Acolytes

Acolytes usually roam fairly wild areas, far from large population centers. Very often their marker appears on the map when we unlock synchronization points close to them and it seems that most of them search the very vicinity of those places.

Below is the complete list of the game areas where you can find the fifteen Acolytes (we have followed their arrangement within the Order menu).

Woden (Level 220) - Patrol the streets of the Cent between the two observation points and the great snake drawn on the hill south of the same region. Heike (Level 250) - Located in Essex, between Colcestre and St Mary's Abbey. Bercthun (Level 340) - Located in Hamtunscire, between Wincestre and the synchronization point northwest of Fearnhamme. Hrothgar (Level 280) - Patrol the territories in southeastern Suthsexe. Cudberct (Level 160) - Wander between Oxeneforda and the Abbey of Sant'Albano, in Oxenefordscire.

Horsa (Level 130) - Scour the roads north of the border between Oxenefordscire and Grantebridgescire, near our settlement of Ravensthorpe. Osgar (Level 220) - In southern Lincolnscire, between Medeshamstede Abbey and Lincoln. Kendall (Level 90) - Patrol the south of Grantebridgescire, between Grantebridge and Walden. Beorhtsige (Level 280) - Found in Glowecrow, on the road through the Thief's Lair. Wealdmaer (Level 160) - In Sciropescire, in the territories south of Lake Bomere.

Quests |
Cola (Level 90) - Scour the streets north of Lincoln, in Lincolnscire, near Aelfgarstun. Callin (Level 280) - In Eurvicscire, south of Picheringa. Eorforwine (Level 90) - In the northern Grantebridgescire, between the Duroliponte lookout point and the Isle of Ely Monastery. Redwalda (Level 90) - Found at the ruins of Venonis in Ledecestrescire. Wuffa (Level 160) - Patrol the territories of East Anglia, between Grantebridge and Theotford.

Tips for defeating Acolytes

Let's start by telling you that Acolytes cannot be murdered in any way. We have tried over and over again, but this has always led to starting the fight without the surprise effect.

So, just avoid trying, as the only result you will have is to be discovered .

Instead, as a first step, we recommend that you mount your horse and approach the target from behind. Once close enough, climb onto the saddle (by pressing the Circle or B key, depending on the playing platform), jump to the acolyte and press the light attack key.

This will allow you to remove a lot of life to your opponent and knock him to the ground, allowing you to land a few more attacks.

Once the fight has begun, pay attention to the opponent's movements. These warriors are fearsome even at much lower levels than yours (especially if you are playing on a high difficulty level), so never take the fight lightly and, above all, don't be reckless.

The characteristics of Acolytes they are almost always the same, with slight variations in the level of weapons and skills. Some use toxic substances to weaken you, others smoke or stun bombs, still others devastating javelins or booby traps.

The best ways to avoid these attacks, often carried out from a distance, is to use the Reverse Projectile skill which allows you to "return the package to the sender" by pressing the parade button at the right moment. By doing this you will not only avoid losing a lot of health, but you will also be able to inflict massive damage on your opponents.

The most challenging Acolytes are those with shields. It doesn't matter which weapon they have at their disposal: what will cause you the most problems is their defense.

The best way to break it is to use a hunting bow and charge the shot to the maximum, so as to make the enemy and make a momentary hand-to-hand approach possible.

But the most important advice that we feel like giving you, especially if you don't feel too much desire to waste hours and hours facing these warriors, is to use the blow loaded with the hunting bow, unlockable in the talent tree.

This move will allow you to fire two arrows simultaneously, with a devastating force of impact that will stop your enemy's advance.

Using this method, it takes about three or four well-placed shots to defeat your opponents, especially if you have improved your bow. A tactic that can be applied to any other battle, from legendary beasts to drengr.

But be careful! Once charged, the shot can no longer be stopped, so make sure you can hit the target before issuing the command.

This was our Acolyte location guide in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

We hope you find it useful and look forward to hearing your experience with these fearsome warriors below in the comments.

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