All LEGO sets soon out of stock | December 2020

All LEGO sets soon out of stock | December 2020
Update 15 December 2020: updated set list

As you know by now, here at we are great collectors of various kinds of items and gadgets. A principle that we love to share with you and that we have carried out through not only the rich daily compendium of articles in our section dedicated to Pop Culture, but also thanks to the weekly appointments that we have dedicated to Playmobil, Funko Pop! and, of course, to the Lego world. There are two weekly proposals that you can find on our pages relating to the world of Danish bricks: one relating to the offers of the sets on Amazon, the other to the discounted sets directly on the Lego Store.

Aware of the fact that like us, many of you are avid collectors too, we have decided to create this new list of Lego products, this time relating to the sets that, month after month, will soon be no longer available on the market. Why such a list? Because - collectors will know - the withdrawal of a set from production practically always means an increase in the purchase price, a scarcer availability of the product (even in official Lego stores!) And an exponential increase in the collectible value of the product. set.

LEGO sets are a great Christmas gift, so why not take advantage of this article to get some presents to put under the tree? And if you are looking for other gift ideas, why not take a look at our dedicated section? I would find many proposals starting from less than 10 euros!

Thanks to this article, therefore, we will keep you updated week after week about the products that are in the pipeline, thus giving you a chance to be able to recover them at their original price before the limited availability of warehouses increases. exponentially the value, which is true both in the main chains that have the Danish brand on their shelves, as well as on online stores such as Amazon.

So let's not delay any longer, and let's find out together what are the main sets that will soon be out of print, reminding you that - again on, - you will find several articles dedicated to Lego offers, with proposals that come from both the Lego Store , which from some of the main Italian online retailers, such as Amazon and Zavvi.

N.B. The list does not include the sets which, according to the Lego store catalog, are already finished.

LEGO sets soon out of print

Pumpkin and bat duet | € 9.99 LEGO Star Wars - Tantive IV | € 119.99 LEGO Toy Story 4 - Buzz and Woody and the carnival mania! | € 42.49 (€ 49.99) LEGO Trolls World Tour | 24,99 € LEGO Hidden Side - Jack's Beach Buggy | 19,99 € LEGO Hidden Side - Newbury Underground | € 29.99 LEGO Technic - Car Transporter | 159,99 € LEGO Brickheadz - Dragon Dancer | € 9.99 LEGO Brickheadz - Reindeer, Elf and Elf | 19,99 € LEGO Harry Potter - Minifigures Series 2 | € 3.99 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar | € 29.99 LEGO City Advent Calendar | € 19.99 LEGO Duplo - Mobile Crane | 4,99 €

Other Lego products soon out of stock

LEGO wooden minifigure | 119,99 € LEGO Dots - Love Birds Bracelet | € 5.99 Celebration Pendant | € 5.99 Friends charm | € 4.99 LEGO DUPLO Tableware | 14,99 € LEGO City - Duke DeTain Keychain | 4,99 € LEGO The Lego Movie 2 - Emmet Keychain | 4,99 € Elephant Girl Keychain | 4,99 € Chinese Flower Girl Keychain | 4,99 € LEGO City - Heavy Duty Fireman Ax | 9,99 € LEGO Mindstorm - EV3 Infrared Emitter | 34,99 € LEGO Mindstorm - EV3 Infrared Proximity Sensor | 34,99 € LEGO Mindstorm - IR RX Power Functions | € 16.99 LEGO Mindstorm - IR Power Functions Remote Control | 14,49 € LEGO Mindstorm - IR TX Power Functions | 10,99 € LEGO Mindstorm - Light LEGO Power Functions | 7,49 € LEGO Mindstorm - Extension Cable 50cm LEGO Power Functions | 4,69 € LEGO Mindstorm - LEGO Power Functions Extension Cable | € 3.99

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