Windows 10: goodbye to the Control Panel?

Windows 10: goodbye to the Control Panel?
One of the most well-known and long-lived components of the Microsoft operating system, the Control Panel, may be days numbered. The Redmond group seems intent on removing it from Windows 10 thus forcing users to switch to the more modern Settings section, however already integrated into the platform.

Is the Windows Control Panel its days numbered?

References to the "Hide_System_Control_Panel" function have been found since the beginning of this year in the preview builds and with the October 2020 Update another step has been taken in this direction: opening the Control Panel and by clicking on the System item you are automatically directed to the new Information screen which includes details on the computer hardware compartment, on the OS edition and so on. It is therefore likely that soon for access to the configurations of Windows 10 and of the PC we will have to say goodbye to this in an obligatory way…

… to rely exclusively on this.

The nostalgia effect aside, the choice seems sensible. In fact, one component is almost in every respect the double of the other. The disappearance of the Control Panel could come next year with the launch of the new Windows 10 interface, currently being defined in the Redmond laboratories with a project identified internally at Microsoft by the code name Sun Valley.

Source: TechRadar

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