Water leak detector: a notification saves you

Water leak detector: a notification saves you
Probably a niche sensor, but with great utility because at a cost of just 34.90 euros 54.90 euros it can guarantee savings of thousands of euros. D-Link DCH-S161, in fact, is a water leak detector that can authentically save from possible disasters in offices, warehouses, basements, second homes, boiler rooms and other sensitive points: with a few euros you can sleep peacefully knowing that you can have a watchful eye on everything that happens where you fear you have potentially hazardous conditions.

A sensor can detect water leaks

The D-Link sensor it consists of two elements: a small body that detects water leaks, resting on the ground, is connected by a thin cable (1.8 meters) to an alarm body positioned higher up. If the sensor on the ground senses humidity, the alarm is triggered in the manner provided: it can be a 90dB sound alarm, it can be a highly visible LED light, or it can be an instant push notification via a dedicated app. In this case it is sufficient to have a Wifi network to connect the sensor to. The operation is a long-lasting battery.

Concepts of this type are destined to multiply and differentiate themselves over time because with a few euros (the D-Link sensor is now discounted with a cut of 36% on the final price) security is guaranteed for furniture, electrical equipment and operational continuity in companies. These are small insurances that are useful not so much to compensate for damage as to avoid it altogether.

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