The Sims 4 Snowy Oasis | Expansion Pack Review

The Sims 4 Snowy Oasis | Expansion Pack Review
Snowy Oasis is the tenth expansion of The Sims 4 that comes after the lukewarm reception of Star Wars: Journey to Batuu. Already available to be played on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it promises to make your Sims spend a relaxing holiday in Mount Komorebi, immersed in sports activities, traditions and the charm of Japanese culture. Offering a wide range of representations within the game is a goal that Maxis is aiming for a lot and part of this journey will culminate in December with the new skin tones long awaited by fans. The response from the community to Oasi Snowevata has been very positive and after playing it in preview, we returned to test the final version. Even taking a virtual vacation has been a breath of fresh air these days.

Each Simmin has a preference for different aspects of an expansion and the most difficult task of an Expansion Pack is to expand into each area without neglecting anything. Snowy Oasis seemed to be successful in this undertaking by enriching the game with lots of themed content with more than 130 new elements for the Create a Sim mode, 2 aspirations and 2 traits while it goes well beyond expectations regarding objects and architectural elements. for construction mode. The predominant style is clearly the Japanese one and will delight all admirers of the Land of the Rising Sun. In the new clothing items we can find a wide choice of more modern styles dedicated to sports activities and the winter climate as well as more classic dresses inspired by tradition. What immediately catches the eye are the very bright colors, a clear departure from the Star Wars universe introduced in recent months, but the best is given by the details such as embroidery, prints, zippers and seams that coats and pieces for the part. upper body flaunt. There are also kimonos, school uniforms and a well-stocked assortment of women's haircuts - again very colorful - and some new men's hair.

The free update before the Oasis expansion Snowy introduced platforms, a new construction tool that allows you to build rooms with different heights on the same floor. It is certainly no coincidence that to get the best out of this feature it is recommended to purchase the Expansion Pack whose style lends itself well to this new feature. The objects added to the catalog have very variable styles: there is kawaii for children's rooms or to give a fun and colorful touch to the rooms - for example we have decorated some walls with kittens - and a more dry and traditional style than recalls simplicity and wood as the predominant element. Also in this case the details are very accurate as in the cupboards for the tea sets with all the bowls stored and even in the plants where you can find compositions such as ikebana or kokedama.

Among the novelties there is also a new career inspired by office workers: the salaried worker, with the two branches expert and superintendent to choose from. Like any other career, the Sim can accept it using a computer, a mobile phone or via the Jobs tab in the user interface. It is a very stressful career that will push our character to many overtime hours and hard work. What better way to relieve stress than with a nice hot bath in the Onsen? Or maybe a jog or a hike are ideal for the more sporty and energetic types. Oasi Snowevata offers all the best activities to be in contact with nature, spend time with friends and colleagues at the bar or finally take a day off to go to the mountains and take a tour of the festival attractions. In Oasi Innevata festivals play a very important role, in fact they are celebrations that take place on specific days and areas. Participation in these events is very important and it is also possible to interact with Yamachan, the nice mascot of the expansion.

In our preview we have already discussed the new activities and skills connected to them, but the one that surprised us and more convinced is the climbing which is also connected to the mountain excursion event to reach the summit of the mountain. Part of the experience is getting the best equipment by purchasing climbing kits or animal repellents, doing some stretching and checking that the wall to climb is safe, but above all that all participants are actually able to climb the mountain because the risk is that of injuries, or worse, the passing of the Sim. The weather also plays an important role and should be kept an eye on. There are all the ingredients to recount the adventures of a group of Sims in creative ways.

Feelings and lifestyles

Snowy Oasis, however, is not just a holiday or relocation destination very full of activities, but also updates the system that regulates Sims' personalities and relationships with the Lifestyles and Feelings function, which returns a deeper gameplay and brings interactions closer to those we would have in everyday life. Depending on the longest-lasting and lasting actions and habits undertaken over the course of our life, Sims can manifest up to 16 different lifestyles, obviously not all together but up to a maximum of three active simultaneously. Some examples include Workaholic, for Sims who can't get away from work even when they're on vacation or a health food fanatic, who will tend to avoid quick meals and junk food. Initially it will not be possible to see all lifestyles, some will be hidden and will be unlocked by performing certain actions over time until they become persistent and acquired, others will be blocked. If you don't like a lifestyle anymore and want to remove it manually, you can always drink a potion or go to therapy!

The way Sims share activities and bond affects their emotions when they are close, too feel sad if a loved one is going through a moment of despair. What makes the new dynamic interesting is that Sims who share an experience don't necessarily have the same feelings. The shared event may not have aroused anything in the other. Feelings have been added as part of the most recent free update, but the new expansion features several unique feelings based on the multiple activities of Mount Komorebi. Our bold Sim organized a nice climb, but the unwary underestimated the difficulty of the enterprise and left the activity prematurely, leaving the participants unhappy. Our Sim was sad, then changed her attitude when she found herself in the same room with the rookie climber and became furious remembering that day lost in the cold and frost.

To track feelings, we can consult the new Sim Profile panel to get a detailed description of all the information we know about another character. Did you not behave well with a Sim dear to you? Don't be surprised if he will hold a grudge against you or be angry for a few hours. If you've been a Model Sim, depending on the degree of your relationship, you may experience positive moods. Feelings and lifestyles are among the aspects we loved the most about this expansion, particularly because they add depth to a gameplay that has long been asking for an evolution.

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