SNES turns 30 today

SNES turns 30 today
On November 21, 1990, 30 years ago, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System - more commonly known as SNES - made its debut in the gaming world. Despite the popularity of the competitor Sega Mega Drive, this jewel from Nintendo had literally conquered the public, soon becoming a major commercial success, to the point of becoming the most popular console in the USA in 1993.

The Super Famicom - original Japanese name of the SNES - it was sold at launch for 25,000 yen and the first 300,000 units available were sold out in just a few hours. The credit for this important result also goes to our trusted plumber, as the Super Mario World game, included for free in the package, made millions of gamers fall in love. From the video below, you can also admire all the great successes that have characterized this fantastic console, presented on the occasion of the launch of Super NES Classic Edition, a smaller reproduction that recalls the original home console of the 90s, including important titles such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy III or Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

There was no lack of updated versions of the SNES, mentioning the new version launched by Nintendo in 1997, modified only on the outside but perfectly compatible with the existing game library. The improvements, in fact, concern the power and reset buttons that change position, the cartridges can also be extracted manually without a dedicated button, while the internal architecture has been revised with the use of more recent components, which do not improve performance. of the system, but allow a considerable saving on production costs. In addition, an updated version of the Famicom (SNES) arrived in 1998, called Super Famicom Jr, which was compatible with all SNES games, but had some minor external differences.

In 1999, the SNES officially stopped being marketed in Europe and North America, to then retire definitively in 2003, after more than twelve years of activity, rich in quality and with a highly successful securities sector given to the general public. Have you ever had an SNES? If the answer is no, remember that with the Nintendo Switch Online subscription you can play an ever-expanding catalog, including the titles that have made history for the NES and SNES.

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