LGL Award 2020: the winners of the Librogame Grand Prix

LGL Award 2020: the winners of the Librogame Grand Prix
On Sunday 1 November 2020, the award ceremony of the LGL Award 2020, the Librogame Grand Prix, was held, which examined the best works distributed on the Italian market, in the period from September 2019 to August 31 2020. Now in its third edition , LGL Award this year joined the award ceremony of the Teseo Competition, organized by Tambù and dedicated to the best short-games presented for the homonymous competition, which saw Ludovico Marcucci's "I Kill the Dragon" as the winner.

The jury of this year's LGL Award was made up of representatives of three different digital magazines that deal with the game book: Matteo Boca of Minute Reviews, Pino Galvagno of Migliorigiochi.eu and Jonny Fontana of Pop Culture.

The categories for this year's award are four: Best Italian Librogioco, dedicated to librigames written by an increasing number of Italian authors; Best Foreign Book Game, reserved for librigames by foreign authors and only translated into Italian; Best Edition, for librigames that have an eye for the graphic and editorial aspect Critics Award, or those librigames that have distinguished themselves for particular originality and innovation.

Best Italian game book

Fausto and Furio: Only Original Fangs

Acheron Books (Available for online purchase) Thomas Mazzantini's debut book, Fausto and Furio puts us at the helm of our mechanical boar, in what is a race without rules in the heart of a Tuscany that seems to have come out of Collodi's Pinocchio.

Best foreign game book

The Beating Heart of Evil

Librarsi Editions (Available for online purchase) - Read our review The Beating Heart of Evil, written by Marc J. Wilson, is a game book in English brought to Italy by Librarsi. Played through a system that does not involve the use of dice, it sees us visit the millenary city of Deva: soon, however, we will find ourselves forced to prevent the awakening of an ancient and merciless evil.

Best edition

Carcosa - The Necronomicon Gamebook

Officina Meningi (Available for online purchase) Second and last game book of the series The Necronomicon Gamebook, by Valentino Sergi, sees our character trying to extricating oneself from the long and slimy tentacles of the mysterious King in Yellow, in an attempt to keep his sanity and his life intact.

Critics' Award


Vincent Books Raven Edizioni (Available for online purchase) The second chapter of the Dedalo bookgame series, Cryan was written by Enrico Brignola. The author succeeds, through the visionary creation of a fantastic world inhabited by all sorts of imaginary creatures, to bring the challenges and contradictions of today's society into the world of game books.

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