From Skam Italia to bookstores, Beatrice Bruschi talks about (universal) emotions and prejudices (about young people)

From Skam Italia to bookstores, Beatrice Bruschi talks about (universal) emotions and prejudices (about young people)

Sana's interpreter wrote No Difference, in which she explores fear, disgust, happiness ... And she demonstrates that her generation is more attentive and profound than how adults are painted

(Photo : Luigi Lista) We learned to love her for the role of Sana Allagui in the successful teen drama Skam Italia. Beatrice Bruschi, 24-year-old actress, owes a lot to the part of this Italian girl of Islamic faith that the fourth season has focused on. Especially because it taught her to look at the world differently. Her new gaze has found a place in No difference, Beatrice's first book published by Harper Collins, in which she starts from the studies of the American psychologist Paul Ekman on emotions (but also from the Lie to me series) to explore fear, anger , disgust and happiness through episodes of his young but intense existence. The strongest message: it is these universal emotions that make us all equal. We interviewed her.

How does No difference come about?

“It comes from the need to tell what I had felt and felt inside. I found myself talking to anyone about the experiences I had lived, especially after Skam Italia, so I said to myself: 'Why not put them in a book?'. Added to this is the fact that my father had given me Paul Ekman's books on universal emotions: I was very fascinated by the idea that we all feel the same emotions and assume the same expression when we perceive them ".

You deal with important issues: the fear of homophobia, revenge porn, the emancipation of women: do you clearly feel the responsibility to face them compared to the many fans who follow you?

“Responsibility is inevitable when you have such a following. In addition, you cannot be afraid to touch on certain topics, on the contrary, the more you talk about them the better ”.

You also talk about the fears and criticisms for your role as Sana in Skam Italia 4, as you are not a Muslim, unlike your character. How did you react to those judgments?

"At the beginning, criticism always displaces a bit; however, I immediately tried to analyze them and actually understand what they meant. I realize that in this historical period it is important, fundamental that everyone feels represented at their best. That's why I immersed myself completely in Sana, studying as much as possible with extreme humility and respect. ”

Of all the emotions, which one best describes the girls and boys of your generation?

"Well, I don't think adolescence can be summarized in a single emotion: they are all amplified to the maximum and all lived to the full".

You often repeat the phrase "despite my young age ”, as if you were afraid of not being able to express opinions or even write a book because you are young: do you feel prejudices against boys and girls?

“Maybe, it's more my problem. I am very self-critical and quite strict with myself, I always want to do everything right, even if I realize that it is impossible and sometimes making mistakes reminds me that I am human. In any case, I think that sometimes young people are a little underestimated ".

You quote" adult "landmarks: Queen, the Doors, Charlie Chaplin ...

" In fact of films and books, I have always liked the most “boring” ones. When it comes to music, I can say that I was raised well, they made me fall asleep listening to Pink Floyd. In short, I could not have had different tastes ”.

How do you explain the success of Skam Italia?

“It's an extremely true series, it tells more about the people than the characters. And the credit goes to all the people who worked on the project, with love, harmony and freedom ".

The last question is inevitable: will there be a fifth season?

“If it depended on me I would make a thousand more, it would be a dream”.

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