Christmas Cashback: The government is planning a refund of 150 euros for December

Christmas Cashback: The government is planning a refund of 150 euros for December

The hypothesis of an extra bonus is added to the government cashback plan to support Christmas consumption. Here's how it works and what it takes (Spid and PagoPa)

Digital payments (photo by Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / picture alliance via Getty Images) To incentivize Christmas purchases, the government is working on a new cashback on spending with credit cards. credit or debit and other traceable instruments made during the month of December. According to what is learned, the extra bonus will be a refund of 10%, and up to a maximum of 150 euros, on in-store purchases paid with cards and apps of the main digital payment systems.

At present it seems that the new reimbursement will add to the measures of the cashback plan already foreseen by the executive, with the maximum annual reimbursement of 300 euros for cashback on expenses of at least 3 thousand euros (1,500 euros every six months).

How does the new Christmas cashback work?

For this particular initiative, it will be possible to obtain a refund of 150 euros against at least 1,500 euros spent with credit cards, debit cards, ATMs, bank transfers and smartphone apps. It is also possible that in order to incentivize a greater number of transactions, there is a threshold of at least ten transactions during the month of December. Online purchases are also excluded in this case.

The requirements to participate are the same as for other refunds. Citizens of age and residing in Italy who want to participate in the program must register with the public administration app Io or other systems affiliated with the PagoPa platform, accessing via Spid, register the credit card or payment method they want to use and communicate your tax code and the Iban of your current account, because refunds will be paid directly to the account.


There is still no date on which the measure will come into effect, but it is thought that from the beginning of next month it will be possible to start making purchases valid for the cashback. Refunds could also already be credited by bank transfer to the current account indicated starting from the end of December or in the first days of January.

The hypotheses on reopening

To support the physical shops of the cities Furthermore, again on the basis of the trend of the contagion data, the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, aims to issue a new decree before December 3 with which he could extend the opening hours of commercial activities to 10 pm, so to allow a greater number of safe entrances, in addition to loosening the grip on closures for bars and restaurants, as reported by Il Corriere della Sera. It is not yet known whether shopping centers and outlets will be able to reopen during the December weekends in view of shopping for gifts.

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