Assassin's Creed Valhalla: localities of all codex pages - tips

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: localities of all codex pages - tips
Find all Brotherhood Houses and Codex pages in Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Tips on Where to Find Old Brotherhood Houses for the Hytham Quest A Brief History of the Hidden. For this purpose, Eivor and Sigurd reach England and establish their settlement there. Then you plunder the first monastery to get supplies and raw materials. You should build Hytham's Assassin's Office first in order to receive the corresponding quest. You also unlock an overview of the members of the order, which you turn off in the old Assassin's Creed manner. The abandoned offices of the assassins offer not only the codex pages but also armor for the armor of the hidden.

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Notes on the locations of the By the way, you get brotherhood houses of the Assassins outside of the Animus with Layla. Use your laptop in the appropriate sequence and you will find important locations in England under files. Here you can find information about the locations of the six assassin's offices. These are located in Leicestershire, London, Winchester, York, Essex and Gloucestershire. In the game world of Assassin's Creed Valhalla these are Ledecestre, Lunden, Wincestre, Jorvik, Colcestre and Glowecestrescire. We show you a video by Youtuber GosuNoob about all the locations of the offices, code pages and armor parts.

Codex-Page Location Equipment I Lunden - Londinium Office: In the northeast corner of Lunden at the stone pillars you drop down and find the cave entrance. Mask of the Hidden II Jorvik - Eboracum Office: You will find the entrance to the southwest of the Jorvik Theater. Use the bow to destroy the barricades and then let yourself fall. You slip through the rocks and find yourself in a large room. Torso of the Hidden III Glowecestrescire Office: You will find the office in the Temple of Ceres in the southwest of Glowecestrescire. Take the stairs down and look for a hole in the wall on the left. Slip through and use the torch to ignite the gas. Destroy the boards on the ground and let yourself fall down.

Pants of the Hidden IV Legraecester - Ratae Office: In the northeast corner of legracaecester you will find a ruin and tower. Shoot the load on the pulley system to destroy the entrance on the ground. Then drop down into the hole. Gloves of the Hidden V Colcestre - Camulondunum Office: The entrance is at the entrance symbol southwest of Earldorman's house. Take a red vessel from the stable, climb up the tree, and throw it on the rocks below to open the entrance. Cloak of the Hidden VI Wincestre - Venta Belgarum Office: In the ruins south of Saint Peter’s Church you will find the entrance in a well, into which you let yourself fall. Suttunger's Claw The armor of the hidden consists of gloves, masks, cloak, pants and torso. In the hiding place in Wincestre you will find the weapon Suttunger's Claw as well as page 6 of the Codex. Have you found all six codex pages, so you bring them to Hytham in the office of the assassins in your settlement. He tells you to read Reda's pages to decipher them. Reda is the trader in your settlement where you can exchange goods for opals. In the following video you can see all the locations of the hidden brotherhood houses, codex pages and the equipment parts of the hidden armor.

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