A vertical mouse today for only 11 euros on Amazon

A vertical mouse today for only 11 euros on Amazon
Ever thought of a vertical mouse? It is a peripheral with an ergonomic design designed to reduce the stress generated on the hand and wrist during long work sessions or spent in front of the computer monitor, preventing, among other things, the onset of carpal tunnel disorder. Here we propose that of the ECHTPower brand on offer today on Amazon with a 30% discount on the list price

30% discount for the ECHTPower vertical mouse

It is equipped with an optical sensor high precision laser and on the side there is an LED band that changes color according to the resolution set to detect movement: 3,200, 2,000, 1,200 or 800 dpi. There are also five buttons and a 3D scroll wheel, all with customizable features.

Full compatibility with Windows and macOS operating systems guaranteed. All this today at the price of only 11.19 euros. It is just one of the many offers offered by Amazon these days to bring forward Black Friday 2020 by a few weeks.

Source: Amazon

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