How to choose a gaming chair

How to choose a gaming chair

The gaming chair is essential not only to give a more complete and refined look to the set-up, but also — and above all — to ensure adequate support during gaming sessions and, in general, to all the hours spent in front of the PC. Having correct posture is in fact essential in order not to find yourself with a sore back in the evening and not to develop even more serious problems in the long run such as scoliosis or even the onset of a hump in the neck.

It goes without saying then that the gaming chair represents a necessary investment for any gamer who finds himself spending time every day in front of the workstation, whether it's just to play or even to work, study and carry out any other activity in front of the monitor. However, not all chairs are the same: on the market there are hundreds, if not thousands, of models of different brands and with the most varied characteristics; at the same time, it is extremely important to find the perfect one for our needs, thus avoiding wasting money on a product that could turn out to be useless.

With the aim of guiding you in your choice, in this article we will explain everything what you need to know to choose a gaming chair, so that at the end of reading you can have a clearer idea of ​​what to look for and how to find the right product for you.


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Gaming chair introduction

Let's start with the basics: what makes a gaming chair different than a ordinary from the office?

Gaming chairs are specially designed to help maintain correct posture during game sessions . Clearly, they are not only used by gamers, but also in offices thanks to their ergonomics which make them extremely comfortable. In fact, they manage to offer excellent lumbar support, as well as being padded, thus ensuring maximum comfort.

In addition to lumbar support, there are various aspects to take into consideration when buying a gaming chair, such as shape, dimensions, material, armrests, backrest, mechanics and ergonomics. In the next paragraphs we will go into each of these aspects in detail, so enjoy reading!


Gaming chairs are often also called "racing chairs" since their shape is inspired by that of the seats in racing cars. In fact, the design guarantees a stable seat thanks to the elevation on both sides, which allows fewer movements and therefore "forces" to maintain a correct posture.


As far as a person can thinking "all chairs are the same", in the context of gaming ones, the height and weight of the user play a fundamental role in the choice process. A tall person will need a different model than a short or very thin person, while some companies even differ between men and women in the design of their products.

Since the perfect gaming chair should have an adequate size to guarantee ideal posture and support, it is important to choose the correct one: first of all, the ideal model should allow you to rest your feet on the ground, since this allows you to distribute the weight uniformly on the seating surface, relieving pressure on the pelvis.

Most of the models are height-adjustable and it is therefore possible to adapt it both to our height and to the set-up, thus obtaining the ideal distance from the monitor. Another aspect to take into consideration is the width of the chair, since the armrests must be within easy reach. Finally, a chair that is too big compared to its user will not offer the ideal support in the seat.

When purchasing, it is therefore essential to pay particular attention to the sizes shown on the seller's website, choosing the one that best suits your body size .


A determining factor in making a gaming chair comfortable is represented by the materials with which it is covered. In general, gaming chairs are more durable than ordinary office chairs, so you won't have to worry about having to change them every year; in fact, even the cheapest models have characteristics that make them durable.

A factor to consider, however, is the coating, and there are some materials used more commonly:

Faux leather

One of the most widespread materials ever used in the upholstery of gaming chairs is imitation leather (also called imitation leather or PU leather), a synthetic fabric that has an appearance and texture very similar to that of real leather, although it is much more economic. While it is not as strong and breathable as leather, it is much easier to clean as it is not sensitive to common cleaning agents (such as degreaser), and is also water resistant.

Vera leather

Real leather is clearly more resistant than synthetic leather and lasts for entire generations, as well as being more breathable and therefore allowing you to sweat less in the summer months. On the other hand, it is extremely expensive and difficult to clean, since it is not waterproof and can therefore get stained easily.


PVC is an even cheaper material than imitation leather and has a number of advantages, such as being resistant to water, fire and stains. The downside? The appearance, which differs from the refined look given by the leather.


The gaming chairs upholstered in fabric are the ones that most resemble the typical office ones, and being very breathable they allow to contain the heat, consequently reducing perspiration. The fabric is softer than leather, however it is much less resistant and therefore risks wearing out quite easily.


Whether you are playing or working, your arms will need adequate support , but at the same time they must  have freedom of movement and maximum comfort. The correct positioning of the armrests depends on the length of your upper arms: if they form a 90° angle with your forearms, it means that the supports are positioned in the ideal way; in fact, it is important that the elbows always rest in the armrests, thus allowing the entire body to maintain a relaxed position.

In many gaming chairs, the armrests are adjustable in height and are therefore called 2D; in the more complete and professional models there are instead the "4D" armrests, which can be adjusted not only in height, but also in rotation and angle, thus ensuring the correct posture at any time. Regardless, we advise you to opt for a gaming chair that has padded rather than hard armrests, as they are more comfortable and will not risk leaving marks on your forearms or elbows.


When buying a gaming chair you have to consider two elements regarding the backrest: adjustability and support. In most gaming chairs, the backrest is adjustable at least in height, and it is essential to position it so that the upper edge coincides with the upper part of the shoulder blades. Furthermore, in many cases it is also possible to recline the backrest, choosing a more "relaxed" or straighter angle. In each case, the goal is to reproduce the natural curve of your spine, thus ensuring a natural posture that does not give you back pain after hours of sitting.


We have already mentioned the main mechanics that a gaming chair can have in the previous paragraphs, such as height and armrest adjustment. One of the features that most models have is the possibility of reclining the backrest, bringing it far back up to 180°; you might wonder what this extreme flexibility will do, well, it's actually a fundamental attribute for ergonomics, which helps reduce back pain.

The intervertebral discs are in fact relieved if you are not sitting constantly in a monotonous sitting position, so changing its angle helps in that process. The reclining mechanism should be adapted to the weight of the person, implying the minimum force of the backrest when reclining backwards to avoid breaking it (or worse, falling to the ground).

Ergonomics< /h2> After bringing you all the features of a gaming chair, we can finally talk about how they come together to ensure ideal ergonomics. Firstly, the most important factor is that the back is protected while sitting, supporting the spine.

In this sense, as we have seen, an ideal gaming chair will prevent forward slouching and bad postures, reducing stress on both the pelvis and spine. Primarily, this is achieved through the correct chair height, which limits neck movement: rather than looking up or down throughout your gaming session, you will be looking directly at the monitor, thus reducing strain on the neck and shoulders (in this regard, remember that the ideal viewing angle is between 20 and 50 degrees).

Then there is the lumbar support, which is essential for preventing short and long stretch pain. Reproducing the natural shape of the spine will relieve the pressure inflicted on the aforementioned part of the body; to further favor this element, many gaming chairs have lumbar cushions or headrests, to be placed behind the back of the neck to further increase comfort and ideal posture.

The best gaming chair gaming on the market

Now you really know everything about gaming chairs and you're therefore ready to choose the model that's right for you. In order to make your purchase easier, we invite you to consult our numerous buying guides dedicated to this topic, where you can find lots of ideas on models of excellent quality and ideal for every budget, such as the very famous Razer Iskur and DXRacer.

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