Resident Evil 4 Remake, the Complete Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake, the Complete Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake represents the return of one of the most significant chapters of the Capcom saga; as the most passionate fans will surely remember, this is the game that marked the famous "action turning point" of the franchise, managing to rejuvenate it and add new solutions to the gameplay. As usual in our complete Resident Evil 4 guide, you will find a whole series of tips on how to best deal with the video game, as well as a list of all the guides (published and in progress) written by us on the most important aspects of the game. To complete RE4 Remake 100% you will have to invest at least 30 hours of your own, which is why we advise you to take a look at the following lines, so as not to miss anything from Leon Kennedy's trip to Spain.

IMPORTANT : We remind you that this complete guide is continuously updated minute by minute!


Trophy Guide Complete Solution: how to continue and the correct order of things to do (Walkthrough) Weapons Guide Merchant Requests Guide (Coming Soon) Castellans Guide Treasures Guide (Coming Soon) -->

Resident Evil 4 Remake complete guide, 10 things to do

If you are a veteran of the series, you will know very well what are the precautions to follow, so as to always be well stocked with ammunition and knives that, as in any self-respecting survival, will never be truly abundant. If you are a newbie or an aficionado of the first hour, we have compiled for you 10 steps that anyone could (and should) follow to better enjoy the adventure that Resident Evil 4 Remake has to offer.

--> Explore far and wide

It is well known that one of the secrets of this genre of video game consists in exploring every corner of the game map, and Resident Evil 4 Remake is obviously no exception. Take advantage of every possibility you have available to understand if there are any objects, resources and treasures that could allow you to manufacture objects of various kinds and, if so, do not hesitate to collect everything that comes your way.

Not everything will be available immediately

This point is aimed above all at the most hardened completionists: not all the treasures can be taken in a single run. RE4 Remake will allow you several playthroughs and, even for the purpose of trophies, it will be necessary to keep certain objects in your inventory; precisely on the basis of what has just been written, don't damn your soul too much if you fail to collect everything in your first game. Just be careful to get all the treasures on the Island, the third macro act of the main plot.

--> Crafting, always and in any case

We are in a survival game and, consequently, when we don't find what we need in the game environment, we will have to make it ourselves. As you continue in the main quest, you will unlock different crafting possibilities, both for healing items and for ammunition. Try to never run out of bullets for your arsenal, focusing especially on those for the pistol, shotgun and carbine, which are the weapons you will use most frequently.

Upgrade your equipment

As always, a power weapon is always a deadlier and, therefore, more useful weapon. However, we advise you not to waste your resources by recklessly improving your equipment; reach at least halfway through the game, when you will find the Thompson (a better shotgun than the one you will be given at the beginning of the adventure), the P9 (the pistol) and the Stingray (the sniper rifle). As soon as you have added these guns to your arsenal, focus your efforts on upgrading them, without wasting precious resources on other weapons.

Buying at the right time

It may seem like an obvious phrase, but certain items will have different prices depending on when you intend to buy them. To give you an example, the Magnum and the Rocket Launcher will have a certain cost in the chapters in which the purchase will be offered to you, which will increase as you progress through the game. Our advice is to buy these two weapons as soon as possible, so as to keep them for certain fights.

Take advantage of backtracking whenever you can

In several chapters of Resident Evil 4 Remake you will allowed to retrace your steps, so you can explore areas you've already passed through before. Take advantage of this opportunity whenever it is given to you, so as to be sure that you have not missed anything.

Listen to the merchant

At certain points in the game, you may come across the merchant, a character from which be able to buy certain items useful for the continuation of your mission. Pay attention to what he has to tell you, especially if he refers to "solve all pending issues before proceeding", as it would mean that, shortly thereafter, there will be a point of no return, which will prevent you from accessing to the area you come from.

Don't waste bullets

Once again, we must remember that we are in a survival horror and, precisely for this reason, the ammunition available will always be contact. Fighting waste will have to be the mantra of every player, avoiding all unnecessary clashes and, above all, only opening fire when strictly necessary; in this regard, a valid alternative may be represented by knives, with which you can surprise your enemies from behind, but even these will never be present in abundance in your inventory.

Take advantage of the surrounding environment

Always with a view to being able to minimize the consumption of bullets (but without giving up on knocking out the greatest number of enemies present in a given area), we advise you to observe everything around you. If your eye falls on a red barrel, you will know you are in the presence of an explosive: get all the mobs present close enough, press the trigger and… enjoy the show!

Do not take into account the loot of barrels and crates

During your adventure, you'll come across a whole series of trunks from which you can collect ammunition, raw materials and objects in general. What has just been described will prove vital to your survival, but there is a small contraindication: the content of these containers is dynamic. What does it mean? That what you will find inside a chest will change with each run, each game and each game over, being determined on the basis of the chosen difficulty, the weapons you have in your inventory and on the basis of the herbs and resources you have at your disposal. available at that particular moment.

Optimize the number of games

Finally, we propose a series of steps to perform to optimize the number of  playthroughs needed to obtain the platinum trophy:

FIRST GAME:  Finish the game on Normal, or Assisted difficulty, by completing the secondary activities.

Quite simply, enjoy Leon's European adventure, making sure to search for all the castellans, recover every treasure, save two million Pesetas, upgrade EXCLUSIVELY your favorite pistol to the max, and complete every merchant request . It's your first run, so play without worries and explore every aspect of Resident Evil 4 Remake without too much stress. The only tricks we give you are to keep a manual save in front of the merchant in chapter 16 and remember to unlock the unbreakable knife, after destroying all the Castellans, and insert it in your inventory in the typewriter available after the fight with Saddler. To complete each secondary activity, in addition to this complete solution, you can follow the other individual guides that you will find here .

SECOND GAME: New Game+ in assisted mode to obtain some specific trophies.

Start a new game in Assisted mode and try to accomplish the following objectives: don't talk to the merchant even once and don't use any other weapon than the pistol (which you fully upgraded in the previous game) and the knife ( that you will have in your inventory after unlocking it from the Bonus shop during the previous game). Just worry exclusively about not using anything other than the indicated weapons (even eggs count as weapons) and going straight through the whole game.

Keep in mind that the only exceptions are the following :

It is possible to shoot the explosive barrels at any time in the game; You can use the harpoons during the battle against the boss Del Lago (Chapter 3); You can kill enemies using the cannons in the castle (Chapter 7 and 8); You can kill enemies with the wrecking ball (Chapter 14); You can kill enemies with machine guns in the island stage (Chapter 15); You can use the Special Rocket Launcher at the end of the Saddler boss fight (Chapter 16). We also advise you to constantly save your progress and always keep an eye on the counters associated with the challenges: MINIMALIST and ASOCIAL. If the counter rises to 1, simply reload the previous save and check that the counter has returned to zero.

THIRD GAME: New Game+ in Professional mode without healing.

Do you remember the two million Pesetas we told you about earlier? Well, now it's time to use them. As soon as you exit the very first house in the village (the one that will be accompanied by the introductory cutscenes), turn 180° to find a merchant available exclusively in New Game+.

Sell everything you can and buy the rocket launcher with ammunition infinite and, if you have Pesetas left, reinforce your bulletproof vest to reduce the damage taken. Keep in mind only two things: the rocket launcher if fired near Ashley could kill her; the rocket launcher if fired too close to Leon could make you suffer large amounts of damage.

Apart from Del Lago, Krauser and the escape from Menendez, all the rest of the adventure will be very simple and fast, since each enemy, bosses included, he will die with one shot from rocket launcher. Be sure to save often as checkpoints are disabled in Pro mode and aim to finish the game in less than seven hours, so as to unlock the SPRINTER trophy, obtain Rank A and unlock the "Chicago Sweeper" weapon.

FOURTH AND FIFTH GAME: Normal Rank S+ / Expert Rank S+

Rank S+ can only be obtained in New Game, this means you will be able to use some bonus weapons but not the infinite rocket launcher. To get the coveted rating, you'll need to finish the game in less than five hours in Normal mode, and in less than five and a half hours in Expert mode.

Our advice is simply to unlock the bonus weapons obtained so far in the shop and to follow, throughout the village area, each step of the complete solution as if you wanted to 100% complete the game again. This will give you a chance to trade 30 Joints with the Merchant right after the catapults section in the castle, so you can get the special Chicago Sweeper mod and have a weapon with infinite ammo for the rest of the game.

Also buy two rocket launchers to keep in your inventory for the toughest boss fights and focus on always having flash grenades with you and a sufficient number of heals. Arm yourself with a lot of patience and after the catapults section, just be prepared to run.

LAST GAME: Professional without bonus weapons

This is undoubtedly the most difficult challenge of suits. You will have to start a new game in Pro mode and not use any bonus weapons (no infinite ammo, sorry!). In all respects it will be like starting the game from scratch, since in order to have the resources necessary to continue you will have to complete the Merchant's requests and get your hands on as many jewels.

Although many sections will prove to be brutal , at this point you will have many aces up your sleeve and a good knowledge of what awaits you. However, keep these important details in mind:

Wear the chicken hat to reduce the amount of damage Leon can take. Have Ashley put on the armor (it will make her invulnerable). Buy all three rocket launchers (one per region available for 160,000 Pesetas) and use them against Salazar, Saddler and one of your choice between Krauser and Menendez. Finishing this challenge will allow you to unlock the last weapon available in the game, the Handcannon, and finally get the WEAPONS COLLECTOR trophy.

Resident Evil 4 Remake in brief

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a revised and corrected version (graphically but also in the mechanics) of the original survival horror masterpiece by Capcom. Leon S. Kennedy (the protagonist) will have to race against time to save the daughter of the President of the United States of America from a Spanish religious sect.

Upon arrival, however, Leon will find himself in the midst of fearsome mutations and completely insane villagers. A new horror adventure is about to begin and thanks to this guide you will be sure to complete it 100%.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is therefore a third-person survival horror available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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