Wired Health is back: here's what to follow

Wired Health is back: here's what to follow

Wired Health is back

Wednesday 22 March 2023 is the day of the sixth edition of sportsgaming.win Health. The annual free-to-attend business conference organized by sportsgaming.win and dedicated to how digital and technological innovation are transforming the world of health returns - in presence - from 9:00 until approximately 19:00 at Base Milano. But you can also follow it in online streaming, in a free non-stop live stream, directly here on sportsgaming.win or on the event's website or again on Wired's social channels: Facebook ,  Instagram ,  LinkedIn ,  Twitter and  YouTube .

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The theme of research, in all its meanings 

The common thread chosen for this year's edition is research, with a very rich schedule of over 20 appointments and 45 Italian and international guests involved in meetings, talks, interviews and debates. An event to investigate the present and the future of health between artificial intelligence, robotic surgery, real world evidence, digital twins, big data, digitization of healthcare, frontiers of genetics and digital therapies, to discover together the innovations and emerging trends that are at the intersection of medicine, technologies, businesses and new lifestyles.

If scientific research is the basis of all progress in medicine, in which public and private players invest billions of euros a year, digital technologies are changing the way of generating knowledge and health solutions, in an acceleration that impacts on investors, institutions and patients, starting from the rules and procedures that govern their relationships. At the same time, to carry out research in medicine new technological skills are needed, to move with agility in a competitive context which - maintaining the centrality and involvement of the patient - requires a multidisciplinary approach, new skills and a renewed organization of work.

But there are also other meanings that will be explored. For example, the decisive issue of funding for research, and in parallel that of fundraising, then the increasingly strong evidence of how communicating the results of studies and treatments is a challenge that starts right from research, with the scientific method based on critical thinking that also requires understandable and empathic communication.

The guests and their speeches

Opening the day - after the presentation of the new issue of the sportsgaming.win magazine dedicated to super-humans - will be Claudia Pagliari, director of the Global eHealth of the University of Edinburgh and WHO Digital Health expert, who will talk about how the cultural transformation in the health sector is driven by technological innovation and scientific progress. Artificial intelligence for the treatment of rare and hematological diseases, but also of avatar patients, digital twins and federated learning, will then be discussed with the senior data scientist of the Humanitas Ai Center Saverio D'Amico and the head of leukemia and myelodysplasia of Humanitas and Humanitas University professor Matteo Della Porta, while digital neurology and technologies for monitoring physiological parameters will be at the center of the discussion with the neurologist of the University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" of Naples Luigi Lavorgna - who gave us some previews - and the director of the Biomolecular Nanotechnology Center of the Iit of Lecce Massimo De Vittorio . Still on the subject of Ai, but from the point of view of models useful for developing new therapies, the frontier of research will be explored with Bocconi University computational biology professor and Erc Investigator Francesca Buffa, on stage together with Tethis CEO Holger Neecke to discuss how to make analyzes via liquid biopsy increasingly accessible.

Data and technology at the service of global health will be the heart of the speech with the senior expert of the Digital Health Flagship Research Program at the World Bank Tiago Cravo Oliveira Hashiguchi (whom we also interviewed here), while the digitization of healthcare between responsibility, funding and governance of innovation is the starting point of the round table that will involve the CEO of the Dedalus Group Andrea Fiumicelli, the General Manager of Cineca David Vannozzi, the cassation lawyer Silvia Stefanelli and the Rector of the High School Sant'Anna of Pisa Sabina Nuti . Great space during the day also for virtual reality and artificial intelligence made in Italy for health, with the Founder and CEO of Softcare Studios Valentino Megale and the director of the Department of gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy of Humanitas and professor of Humanitas University Alessandro Repici who will tell the example of WeOmics, on stage together with the Founder and CEO of Indicon Societ√† Benefit Paola Lanati, to bring the point of view of those who do innovation management to support companies that develop innovative technologies for health.

The key theme of a business conference such as sportsgaming.win Health is investment in health and research, which will first of all be discussed with the President of the European Research Council, Maria Leptin. The head of the Technology Transfer Fund of CDP Venture Capital SGR Claudia Pingue will also speak on the topic of funding for life sciences, as well as spokespersons and managers of investment funds such as Ciro Spedaliere (Claris Ventures), Alessandro Radaelli (NCL Health), Alessio Beverina (Panakès Partners), Daniele Scarinci (XGen Venture) and the General Manager of the Italian Tech Alliance Francesco Cerruti , but on whom Fredrik Debong will also focus, who will tell the case of his Hi.Health , and the Country Division Head Pharmaceuticals of Bayer Italia Arianna Gregis - in her first public outing after her appointment - to explore the Leaps investment program on innovative projects and its effects on health. Also linked to funding, partnerships and alliances is the trend of open innovation in healthcare, which at sportsgaming.win Health 2023 will be tackled together with Fabrizio Bellina of Alira Health and the CEO of Gemelli Digital Medicine & Health, Alfredo Cesario.

We will then focus on the frontiers of digital mental health with the Founder and CEO of Unobravo Danila De Stefano , the Founder and CEO of Serenis Silvia Wang and the professor of psychology of communication and psychotechnologies for well-being of the Catholic University Giuseppe Riva , as well as exploring digital solutions for well-being together with the Director of the department of aging, orthopedic and rheumatological sciences of the Gemelli Polyclinic Francesco Landi and the Head of e-Health of Enel X Alberto Piglia, who will present the case of Smart Axistance e- Well.

Technologies, infrastructures, software and hardware that are profoundly transforming the landscape of health and its services they will then be explored with a series of dedicated insights. Among these are the video analysis systems for healthcare told by the Business developing manager healthcare Emea of ​​Milestone Systems Jaime Durban, the evolution of skills, big data, infrastructures and digital solutions to drive change in medical-scientific research with the CEO of Retelit Federico Protto, the digitization of healthcare and the culture of data with the Digital director of Pfizer Italia Davide Bottalico and artificial intelligence at the service of imaging and diagnostic predictivity with the Research Operations Manager Consultant of the Italian Diagnostic Center as well as Scientific Advisor for Bracco Imaging Marco Ali . And the impact of new technologies on radiology professionals will also be discussed with Andrea Laghi, professor of radiology at the Sapienza University of Rome as well as a member of the Superior Health Council (Section V).

To enrich the day, a series of scientific and technological insights on the frontiers of innovation for health. Starting with engineering, including robotic surgery and nanotechnologies, with the Pro-Rector and professor of industrial bioengineering and biomedical robotics of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa Arianna Menciassi (we got some previews here) and the Executive Vice President R&D and Co-Founder of Medical MicroInstruments Massimiliano Simi. To get to talk about messenger Rna therapies with the General Manager Jacopo Murzi and the Medical Director Cinzia Marano of Moderna Italy, real world evidence applied to the action of natural substances with the Medical Director of Aboca Andrea Cossu and new skills in research with Roche's country Theraupetic Area Leader Rita Pisanello and oncologist Gennaro Daniele, Head of Phase I studies at Policlinico Gemelli in Rome. To close the day, a journey through the most interesting news of immunotherapy and translational medicine with the researcher Emilia Mazza of the Humanitas Translational Immunology Laboratory and the oncologist of Humanitas Cancer Center as well as referent for neuro-oncology and clinical studies of phase I Matteo Simonelli, who will also look at new approaches to research organization.

The exhibit area: innovation on display

Next to the stage area, sportsgaming.win Health is at the at the same time a networking opportunity that takes the form first of all in the exhibition area, where it will be possible for the entire duration of the event to explore and test devices, health solutions and innovative products. Humanitas will bring its vision of the future of healthcare together with demonstration activities, while other innovative solutions will be presented to the public by many companies including Retelit, Roche and Milestone Systems.

There will be a chance to see and touch the devices and platforms for rehabilitation treatments for the clinical and home environment developed by Euleria Health, startup of the Trentino Sviluppo Manufacturing Project in Rovereto, as well as the augmented communication solutions for healthcare developed by Dico Technologies and the implantable leads developed by the Italian biotech Wise for neuromodulation and neuromonitoring.

Furthermore, it will be possible to get to know and see the InSilicoTrials digital platform in action, which carries out computational tests to accelerate the research and development of new drugs and medical devices, the home & ambient assisted living solution Looky by the Future Care startup for tranq uillity of the elderly and his family and the Mia Hand multi-articulated upper limb prosthesis from the Prensilia spin-off of the Biorobotics Institute of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, which by making the cyborg frontier more human was also awarded the prize of Italian industrial design 'Compasso d'Oro' 2022.

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