Best BBQ Apps | How to improve your spring barbecues!

Best BBQ Apps | How to improve your spring barbecues!

In a historical period in which cooking is king between TV programs and talent shows, there are more and more enthusiasts in this sector who try their hand behind the stove. Barbecues are a niche that has carved out a good slice of the market between fine meats and cooking techniques. Today technology can help you become true grill professionals, just download one of the best apps dedicated to the world of BBQ.

In this article, we will see together some of the best apps for your smartphones that will help you make your delicacies in the best possible way.


Steak Timer

To start preparing the perfect barbecue, it is important to start with the basics. Steak Timer is an app entirely dedicated to meat cooking times. In the first screen you will have to choose the cut of meat you want to cook and the thickness. Subsequently, the app will provide you with the right cooking parameters after asking you how you prefer the meat (rare, well done, medium done, etc). The timer started by the app will signal you the exact moment you need to turn the meat and then remove it from the grill.

The app is available on Android for free, while Steak Timer Pro is available for iOS, but it is available for a fee at a price of 1.19 euros and offers the same functions.

Download Timer Bistecche from Google Play Store Download Steak Timer Pro from Apple App Store -->

Weber iGrill

The Weber brand, leader in the barbecue sector, offers its official app on both iOS and Android. Through Weber iGrill, you will have a complete overview of household products including utensils, griddles, dinner plates, grill brushes, etc. The application offers a complete recipe book in Italian with lots of photos and videos that will help you make your dishes based on fish, meat or vegetables. The cooking section presents you with 3 different functions to set the timers and teach you how to best manage cooking times based on various parameters including the selected ingredients.

Download Weber iGrill from the Google Play Store Download Weber iGrill from Apple App Store

Easy BBQ Recipes App

Easy BBQ Recipes App is a free application for iOS devices that hosts a huge amount of recipes in English. Each recipe describes the dish in detail, the list of ingredients and the step-by-step procedure for making everything, also making a list of the equipment necessary for correct preparation. Through the practical drop-down menu it is also possible to access a simple but practical shopping list on which you can add the ingredients to buy for your barbecues. The presence of advertising allows the app to remain 100% free and fully accessible without additional costs.

Download Easy BBQ Recipes App from the Apple App Store -->

Barbecue Recipes

Barbecue Recipes is a free app for Android devices that will allow you to access a large number of recipes divided by type for free. The application has various functions that allow you to create, for example, a food program for a balanced diet by planning each of your meals step by step. Barbecue Recipes allows you to subscribe to a premium subscription which, in addition to unlocking some nice features, removes the limits on the favorites list and advertising while using the app. The monthly plan is 7.99 euros while the six-month plan is only 27.99 euros. Despite this, the app remains easy to use and full of interesting content even in the free version. From the home of the application it will also be possible to print the recipes, share them or even buy your ingredients via Cookbook.

Download Barbecue Recipes from the Google Play Store

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