Tsugumi Project (J-POP Manga) towards the end

Tsugumi Project (J-POP Manga) towards the end

Based on what was revealed in the sixth volume of Tsugumi Project , which arrived on shelves in early March, it seems that the next events arriving later will represent the narrative climax of the story , offering regular readers a real and its own climax that could involve more characters among those in the game. The information shared on the web, specifically, indicate the beginning of this climactic moment right from the seventh volume. For those who don't remember, this will be available starting next autumn (you can retrieve the previous volumes on Amazon ).

Tsugumi Project

Tsugumi Project (J-POP Manga) towards conclusion

--> For the uninitiated, Tsugumi Project looks like a seinen manga, even if in its history it is impossible not to notice some artistic influences coming directly from Europe. This is the first demanding and continuous experiment carried out by ippatu, assistant of Shinichi Ishizuka and Jiro Taniguchi.

Its publication officially began in 2019, with French publisher Ki-oon starting publishing it as an original manga in France, followed in 2021 by Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine, which serialized it in Japan . Here the manga was published by J-Pop Manga . Below is a brief synopsis of the story at the heart of Tsugumi Project: In the distant future, a soldier named Leon is kidnapped from his family on a trumped-up charge and launched on a suicide mission: to recover a dangerous weapon from a deadly place , a place ruled by huge, irradiated and mutated monsters, a place once known, 200 years ago, as Japan. He and his teammates are not expected to survive in this place. One of the little information they have is the name of the weapon: Toratsugumi. The events are triggered when the European powers, after bombing the place to eliminate the threat of this weapon in the bud, discover that it has never been completely destroyed, since it possesses some biological characteristics, being in a dormant state.

What should we expect from the next Tsugumi Project issues? From this survival and psychological story that blends political fiction and fantasy together, in a story that continuously investigates the human soul of its protagonists? We just have to wait for new details.

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