Marvel, the best accessories and Prop replica

Marvel, the best accessories and Prop replica


Have you always dreamed of wearing the Iron Man helmet? To snap your fingers with Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet? Or why not…to throw Captain America's shield? Well! On the occasion of the Christmas holidays 2022 we have grouped for you the best Marvel prop replica accessories of the best known Super heroes of the house of ideas. Each of these products belongs to the Hasbro Marvel Legend Series line and is taken from the world of the Avengers heroes and has been created down to the smallest detail with the inclusion of sounds and LED lights, to be used both as part of a costume for cosplay and for a simple costume party, or, why not, to decorate your man-cave in a much more original way and make your friends mad with envy. Why not take advantage of Amazon's spring offers?

Did you see? Among the innovations that we have listed there are also the Iron Man glove, the Iron Spider helmet, the legendary Captain America shield taken from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series (which you can see on Disney+), its Stealth version inspired a Captain America: The Winter Soldier , the new Mjolnir from Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Panther's brand new electronic helmet and Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto , Ready to rewind Time?

Marvel Best Accessories & Prop Replica

Black Panther Helmet Legacy – NEW Mjolnir (Thor: Love and Thunder) Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Iron Man Nano Gauntlet Iron Spider Electronic Helmet Cap. America Stealth Shield (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) War Machine Helmet Cap. America Shield (Falcon and Winter Soldier) Stormbreaker Deadpool Head Nano Gauntlet Black Panther Helmet Ant-man Helmet Infinity Gauntlet Starlord Helmet Iron Man Helmet Thor's Mjolnir Captain America Shield The Punisher (War Machine) Helmet

Black Panther Helmet (Legacy) – NEW

Marvel Christmas Gift Ideas

From Black Panther comes the new Legacy edition of T'Challa's helmet. Little changes in shape and mechanics but a new LED color has been implemented for the bright parts which now appear more faithful to those seen in the film. Ready to feel like the king of Wakanda wearing the Black Panther helmet? ( here our review )

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Mjolnir (Thor: Love and Thunder)

From Thor: Love and Thunder comes the replica of the hammer that will be wielded by Jane Foster, the new Mighty Thor. The hammer, made of plastic and leather, is made on a 1:1 scale and has some electronic functions such as LED lights and sounds. Through the (faux) cracks of the reconstructed hammer, lights that simulate the power of thunder emerge. A real Must Have!

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Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto

And the Doctor Strange's talisman, the mythical Eye of Agamotto with the time stone inside. The replica can be worn or placed on the special support provided. The eye of Agamotto will be able to open thus showing the infinity gem inside which will light up thanks to a LED and can also be removed from the pendant while keeping the light on. ( click here for the review )

» Click here to buy Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto

Iron  Man Nano Gauntlet

This prop by Hasbro represents one of the most dramatic moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the moment in which Tony Stark, pronouncing "I am Iron Man" in the presence of Thanos sacrifices himself saving the entire universe. The glove is wearable and made with excellent materials and finishes that will allow you to move every single finger. Each Gem can be inserted into the appropriate slot by emitting a sound and a light effect.

» Click here to buy Iron Man Nano Gauntlet

Iron Spider Electronic Helmet

With Iron Spider's electronic helmet, you too can feel like a friendly neighborhood spider. The helmet can be worn and is equipped with luminous LEDs in the eyes to switch from normal mode (blue light) to Instant Kill mode (red light). The metallic finish is that extra touch that gives it an effect of realism. A must if you are a Spider-Man fan.

» Click here to buy Iron Spider Electronic Helmet

Captain America Stealth Shield (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Directly from “ Captain America: The Winter Soldier “, the second chapter with the cinematic adventures of Steve Rogers. This film is the one that introduces us to the character of the Winter Soldier but also to the stealth uniform used by Cap in the first scenes of the film. To adapt to the night colors is not only the uniform but also the shield which in its coloring sees the red color disappear.

» Click here to buy Captain America Stealth Shield 

War Machine Helmet

“WarMachineRocks” is Lieutenant Rhodes' password, even when he plays Iron Patriot in the movies. But Iron Man's shoulder is only one, the mythical War Machine armor. More than armor, a real war arsenal worn by a single person. The first War Machine armor was born from a modification to the Mark II "borrowed" by Rhodey during an argument with Tony Stark. The helmet has the same characteristics as the previous ones already released but with the iconic light gray and dark gray colors typical of this armor.

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Captain America Shield (Falcon and Winter Soldier)

Directly from “ The Falcon and Winter Soldiers “, the next TV series set in the marvel cinematic universe, comes the reissue of Cap's shield branded with the name of the series itself. Cap's shield is one and only and during the finale of Avengers: Endgame we witnessed an important passing of the baton between the old Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. Will Sam be able to wear the shield and establish himself as the new Captain America?

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A beautiful replica , announced at Hasbro PulseCon 2020 , which follows the shapes of the weapon forged on the planet Nidavellir with the help of the dwarf Eitri . This "mighty" 112 cm long weapon will be able to reproduce sounds and light up as in the film Avengers: Endgame.

» Click here to buy Stormbreaker

Deadpool Head

An essential accessory for every Marvel fan, to make him lose his head ... especially him , that crazy Deadpool . The mercenary's animatronic head is programmed with 600 sound effects and phrases and can interact with you also thanks to the official app. The product is not localized in Italian but it is still an unmissable accessory that you cannot miss. Do you want to know every detail? Read our review of the interactive Deadpool head!

» Click here to buy Deadpool Head

Nano Gauntlet

This gauntlet is the replica of the one made by Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame . You can wear it and maybe it will be slightly loose if you are not Hulk or Thanos. Besides displaying it in your collection, you might enjoy snapping your fingers and seeing what happens.

» Click here to buy the Nano Gauntlet

Black Panther Helmet

Retracing the success of the film Black Panther, Hasbro offers the replica of the helmet of the super hero of Wakanda. The wearable helmet is equipped with LEDs on the sides of the face that simulate the energy absorption of vibranium particles. Wakanda Forever!

» Click here to buy Black Panther Helmet

Ant-man Helmet

Another replica from Hasbro, again with a wearable helmet, this time dedicated to the hero played by Paul Rudd. The helmet won't make you tiny or gigantic but it is equipped with red and blue LED lights and is adjustable. Cool, isn't it?

» Click here to buy Ant-man Helmet

Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity gauntlet is an artifact capable of gather and use the six infinity gems. Hasbro's replica is wearable and allows you to move your fingers. An essential accessory in every Marvel Comics collection. And it lights up too!

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Starlord Helmet

Directly from " Guardians of the Galaxy " Hasbro offers peter Quill aka wearable helmet Starlord. The helmet can play music through Bluetooth wireless technology with built-in speakers. Atomic cool!

» Click here to buy Starlord Helmet

Iron Man Helmet

Can you really resist the charm of Tony Stark's helmet? Led-illuminated eyes, electronic sound effects but above all it is equipped with a removable magnetic plate! And you too can say… I am Iron Man .

» Click here to buy the Iron Man Helmet

Thor's Mjolnir

If you are worthy you will be able to lift the hammer of Thor, the mythical Mjolnir . In addition to being equipped with LED functions, it is equipped with a pedestal for convenient display.

» Click here to buy  Thor's Mjolnir

Captain America Shield

Have you always dreamed of identifying yourself in the shoes of the legendary Cap? Thanks to Hasbro you will be able to exhibit the replica of the legendary shield with stars and stripes in 1/1 scale with a diameter of almost 60 cm. But don't throw it…even if it has a crazy finish and paint…it's plastic! But if you are avid collectors you might also find the metal cap shield interesting.

» Click here to buy the Captain America Shield (classic)

» Click here to buy the Captain America Shield (metallic)

The Punisher (War Machine) Helmet

Have you ever wondered what the Punisher could do with one of Iron Man's armors? It happened recently in the world of comics and video games so Hasbro, seizing the opportunity, has created its own version. Same features as that of Iron Man but recolored with The Punisher theme.

» Click here to buy The Punisher (War Machine) Helmet

Unboxing Ant-Man Helmet and Nano Gauntlet< /h2> We leave you with a nice unboxing of our Mauro who had fun with Ant-Man's helmet and the infinity gauntlet created by Tony Stark. But will he be able to snap his fingers? Find out in the video!

Marvel accessories Prop replica, how to choose the perfect one

We have listed several, almost all of them in reality, at this point you just have to choose the best product that suits the your case. Yes, but which one? First of all, we advise you not to hesitate too much about the choice, if you see a product you like, buy it immediately because very often they are sold-out and can no longer be found at human prices. The second aspect to take into consideration is the finish of the product and its popularity. More or less all of them are made very well, however some are head and shoulders above the others and are also iconic objects of the Marvel world. For example, I'm talking about Cap's shield, Thor's hammer or Iron Man's helmet, well, in our opinion, every self-respecting fan should have at least these in his collection.

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